Parents & Uncle Save Toddler from Drowning

Posted by cocreator on June 06, 2014
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Cool heads and cardiopulmonary-resuscitation skills saved a 2-year-old girl who almost drowned near Vallecito Reservoir.

The incident took place Sunday evening north of the reservoir, where the Williams family of Mesa, Ariz., has a vacation home. The girl’s parents thought their older children would keep an eye on Clara when she went outside. They then realized the older kids had come inside, and Clara was outside alone, Upper Pine River Fire Protection District Chief Bruce Evans said.

“She found her way out onto the ice of the pond,” he said. “The child broke through the ice near where a stream feeds the pond and fell head first into the water.”

Shortly thereafter, the Williams noticed Clara’s pink shoes protruding from the hole and pulled her from the water.

“She was not breathing at that time,” Evans said. “The parents began CPR, and with the direction of the uncle, performed CPR, rescue breathing and rewarming of the child.”

The uncle had been a member of the Boy Scouts, where he learned how to resuscitate someone who has been immersed in cold water.

“The family revived the child prior to paramedics from Upper Pine River Fire arriving,” Evans said. “The first-arriving crews found the child blue in color but crying.”

The call came in at 6:25 p.m., and paramedics arrived about 12 minutes later from Upper Pine’s station below the Vallecito Dam.

Evans said no one knows exactly how long Clara was under water.

Clara survived with no neurological damage because of the mammalian diving reflex, Evans said. When the face hits extremely cold water, particularly in the very young, the heartbeat drops and the metabolism slows.

The record for immersion in cold water without suffering major neurological damage is Joey Garza’s 38 minutes in a river outside Fargo, N.D., Evans said.

Clara was taken to Mercy Regional Medical Center, where doctors kept her overnight for observation. Deemed healthy, she went home Monday with her family.

“This had a great outcome due to a family with CPR training, who remained collected under the worst of circumstances,” Evans said.

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Cop Save Toddler Who Stopped Breathing at Home

Posted by cocreator on March 07, 2014
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An Upper East Side baby was saved from the brink of death Saturday morning — thanks to the hero cop who breathed precious life back into her in the front seat of a speeding police car.

Norah the Survivor

Norah the Survivor

Parents Diana and Jason Schechter burst into tears of joy in the back seat as Officer Michael Konastosis performed four chest compressions and mouth to mouth, and little Norah began breathing again.

“The baby let out a belch, and we were ecstatic — the color started coming back into her face,” Konastosis told The Post.

The police car continued to Cornell Hospital, where Norah, age 15 months, was treated and released.

The parents had called 911 from their East 74th Street home when the baby stopped breathing, and Konastosis — a former EMT — happened to be nearby with partner Officer David Roussine.

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Teen Save 4 Year Old at Traffic Crash Site

Posted by cocreator on March 05, 2014
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A 16-year-old girl was honored on Sunday for saving the life of a toddler. The City of Houston and the girl’s church formally recognized her act of courage.

On Sunday mornings at New Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, as the choir is singing and members are worshiping, you’ll find 16-year-old Jaelin Noel, at her post.

“At the church I am over the audio department,” said Jalien.

It’s a volunteer job with lots of responsibility and out of the spotlight, but today, all eyes were on the 10th grader.

“I Jerry Davis herby proclaim today as Jaelin Noel Day,” said Davis.

As she is being honored for volunteering, not to monitor audio, but to save a life.

“Many adults would not be quick on their feet enough to resuscitate a child,” said Davis.

It was last year, in fact the day before Christmas when the 16-year-old walked up to a horrific crash then discovered a father and his 4-year-old little girl had been ejected from a pick-up truck.

Eyewitness News first met Jaelin at the scene.

“I felt like it was my duty to help because it’s a child,” she said.

She had just received her CPR certification the day before when she grabbed the child and saved her life.

“She wasn’t breathing so I got down there and she wasn’t breathing and then you heard a ‘puff’ and then you heard her breathing,” she said.

Months later, Jaelin is still very emotional about that day.

It’s the day her mother and others say she became a hero.

“I’m proud. I’m a proud mom. I’m happy she was able to do what she needed to do to save that little girls life,” said Jaelin’s mother, Lakisha Brown said.

Jalien says she wasn’t able to get the 4-year old girl’s name but hopes she will get a chance to meet her one day.

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Neighbours Save Toddler from Drowning

Posted by cocreator on February 22, 2014
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Two neighbors received awards for rushing to save a child on Christmas Day. The child’s father reportedly tried to drown her in a Kailua backyard swimming pool.

Joelryne and Tino Geronimo received Civilian Certificates of Merit at the Honolulu Police Department Quarter Awards Ceremony.

Police say the couple was home when they heard splashing in their neighbor’s backyard.

Neighbors identified the man as 36-year-old Thomas Morton. His child was two years old.

Police say when the Geronimos looked over the fence, they noticed the child motionless in a swimming pool and Morton at the bottom. The couple pulled the child out. The two-year-old keiki survived, but her father did not.

“They quickly went into the neighbors yard where Tino jumped into the pool and the child was pulled out,” said Capt. Dagan Tsuchida of the Honolulu Police Department. “He and his wife began CPR and were able to revive the child.”

Geronimo jumped back into pool and grabbed the father from the bottom of pool. Another neighbor tried to revive him with CPR before he was rushed to the hospital.

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Cop Saves 2 Year Old during Seizures

Posted by cocreator on June 10, 2011
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A court officer with medical training spun into action to save a baby girl who stopped breathing after a seizure outside the Bronx County courthouse.

Jose Reyes the Saviour

“I’m not a hero,” Supreme Court Officer and certified EMT Jose Reyes told the Daily News shortly after the rescue yesterday afternoon. “I’m still shaking.”

Little Emely Carrasco’s father disagreed.

“I don’t think words can describe how thankful I am,” said Edwin Carrasco.

“You’re talking about a guy who brought my daughter back to life. I don’t know how to thank him. I didn’t know we still had people like that out here.”

Reyes, 44, was helping a co-worker with a sprained ankle into an ambulance on Walton Ave. when an SUV screeched to a halt.

“Please help me! My baby’s not breathing!” Edwin Carrasco was yelling.

“I opened the door and there was a young lady crying and yelling and holding a baby,” said Reyes, a father of three.

“The baby had had a seizure and stopped breathing, so I grabbed the baby and ran to the ambulance that was already there,” said Reyes.

“It was instinct that just kicked in.”

The “really cute little girl,” who turns 2 on June 24, was limp and blue, said Reyes. He put her in the ambulance and began to perform CPR.

“I was so scared,” he said. “I was really nervous. I just wanted to make the baby start breathing again.

“I went to put my face to her nose to see if she was breathing and she started to move, so I knew she was coming to. She started to throw up, and I felt a lot better.”

A second ambulance whisked Emely to Bronx-Lebanon Hospital’s emergency room, where Reyes visited her after finishing his shift.

A sore throat gave her a high fever that led to the seizure, a doctor told her father.

“When she started breathing again, I came back to life, too,” said Edwin Carrasco, 25. “The doctor said she’ll be better soon.”

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