Supervisor Saves Boss at Work

Posted by cocreator on March 12, 2010
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Typically around 6 a.m., Peggy Willis’ boss, Dennis Sannebeck walks into the D.O.I.T office and he usually says ‘hello’.

But one day, shortly after their morning ritual, “I was vacuuming, came around the corner and he was sitting in his chair and he wasn’t moving,” Peggy recalls.

Peggy yelled for help, laid Dennis flat on the floor, and she started calling the shots.

“Got somebody started on CPR, got somebody else calling 911, and I knew where the defibrillator was.”

At the time, she had no formal training with an Automated External Defibrillator — or AED.

But Peggy figured she had nothing to lose.

“I opened it up, read the instructions, and the only thing I didn’t do was shave his chest. I figured if ripping the duct tape off doesn’t wake him up, nothing will (laugh)!”

All joking aside, her efforts worked.

Turns out Dennis’ heart beat out of rhythm, sped up and ultimately shut off.

She kept him alive until paramedics arrived and now Dennis has a pacemaker.

He is back to work and says he is forever indebted to Peggy for saving his life. “I couldn’t thank her enough. I can’t do enough for her.”

Peggy says helping each other is what co-workers do, but she admits, saving her boss’ life benefits her too. “Do you know hard it is to train a new supervisor? You gotta keep ’em!”

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