Bystanders Save Woman on Street

Posted by cocreator on May 26, 2014
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An Ingatestone mother has been reunited with the people who saved her life after she suffered a cardiac arrest in Chelmsford just before Christmas.

Fiona Eyres the Survivor, Ben Brook & Michelle Turner-Thorne the Saviours

Fiona Eyres the Survivor, Ben Brook & Michelle Turner-Thorne the Saviours

The Gazette previously reported how Fiona Eyres, who lives in Docklands Avenue, collapsed on the walkway below the Army & Navy roundabout on the way to work on December 9.

Following an appeal in both the Gazette and, sister title the Essex Chronicle , four people have come forward, including 50-year-old Michelle Turner-Thorne, who lives in Galleywood.

Michelle feared Fiona was dead until she read her story months later, where she appealed to readers to reunite her with the people who saved her life after being released from hospital.

“Finding out she was alive was like winning the lottery,” said Michelle.

“It feels great. Obviously I don’t know in what small way or whether it worked or to what degree the wonders of medical procedures helped, but it might have given her at least an extra minute – I hope so.”

Fiona was walking from Lidl to work in Chelmsford High Street when she collapsed at about 8.30am.

Ben Brook, a manager at Essex County Council, and Debra Carter, of Great Baddow, quickly interrupted their daily journey to work to run to her aid.

While Ben rang 999, Debra and Maxine Oxlade, of Old Moulsham, placed her in the recovery position.

It was at this point Michelle arrived and knew she had to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), as Fiona choked. She pushed hard on Fiona’s chest to the beat of BeeGees’ Stayin’ Alive for three-minutes before paramedics whisked her away.

Michelle added: “Everybody there that day just looked at each other and honestly believed that she was dead. We were left to just mill about. I then came to work very distressed. I knew nothing about this person and I didn’t think I’d find her.”

Michelle even asked workers in BHS three days later if a woman had not turned up to work that day – as their polka dot blouses matched Fiona’s.

“I never thought we would find out what happened in such a positive way. It’s amazing,” Michelle added. “I thought she was dead that day and my first thought was her family need to know that people were there to help, that she was not on her own.

“Not one person walked by that day.”

The four lifesavers believe there was one other helper who is yet to come forward – a woman on a bicycle who calmly stroked Fiona’s face.

Before meeting Michelle in the Saracen’s Head Hotel, in Chelmsford Thursday, Fiona said: “I still don’t know anything of what happened so it will be brilliant for me to just get a bit more information.

“Michelle and the others have done something brilliant, it’s amazing.

“I still don’t know if that would have been the end of me or not if everybody hadn’t helped.”

Retired police officer Fiona regained her memory while lying in a Broomfield Hospital bed on Christmas Eve.

She is now recovering after having a defibrillator fitted.

Her daughter Carolyn Kirkpatrick, 26, said: “I am really glad Michelle came forward, it’s a big thing to do that. It’s amazing that everyone stopped. I have never seen anything like that happen in real life.

“I would like to think that people would stop, even at a busy time when everyone is going to work.”

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Teens Save Man Walking his Dog

Posted by cocreator on April 03, 2014
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It started out as an ordinary day for students from Huntingtown High School in Calvert County as they were on their way to class Friday morning. But as they looked out the windows of their school bus, they saw a man lying face down on the ground in the snow holding his dog on a leash.


Four of the students jumped off the bus and rushed to his aid. Two of them are training as volunteer firefighters and administered CPR.

Tyler Latvala and Lawrence Moats said they just did what they learned to do in class. Two other students on the bus, Nigeria Jones and Dion Jones, who are cousins, also helped out.

They went through the man’s pockets looking for identification and eventually found a phone number on his dog’s tag to call relatives.

Paramedics on an arriving ambulance took over and rushed the man to the hospital.

He is back at home now, but invited the students over to shake their hands and thank them for saving his life.

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Cops & Medics Save Man during Heart Walk

Posted by cocreator on March 19, 2014
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A Lewis County man who suffered a heart attack during America’s Greatest Heart Run & Walk Saturday near Utica was saved by quick-acting troopers and an EMT, the New York State Police said.

At about 11:30 a.m. Saturday Michael W. Wofford, of Glenfield, collapsed and became unresponsive near the intersection of Burrstone Road and Washington Drive in New Hartford.

One of the walkers at the heart event alerted troopers Adam Ferstand and Daniel Krajewski, state police said. The pair were working a traffic post at the intersection where Wofford collapsed.

State police said an unknown EMT who was particpating in the walk stopped and began CPR on Wofford. Ferstand grabbed an automated external defibrillator from his patrol car while Krajewski requested an ambulance via radio.

Ferstand used the AED unit on the man and an ambulance arrived on the scene to continue lifesaving measures.

Wofford was rushed to Faxton-St. Luke’s Healthcare Facility and admitted to the intensive care unit. State police credited the quick actions of the unknown EMT and the troopers with saving Wofford’s life.

The annual heart walk fundraiser draws thousands of people to Oneida County.

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Friends Save Cyclist on Outing

Posted by cocreator on March 19, 2014
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One morning last month, just after pedaling up a long hill through Golden Eagle Estates that leads to a Pleasanton ridge trailhead, Karl Wenzler, 46, collapsed from cardiac arrest in front of his friends, Brian Martinez and Joe Narciso.

The three friends regularly ride their mountain bikes together, and on this day they planned to continue up a steep, unpaved trail. Martinez, an Alameda County Sheriff’s deputy, and Narciso, an executive with Safeway, rushed to assist Wenzler, calling 911 for paramedics and to administer CPR since their friend was unconscious and not breathing.

Assisted over the phone by an emergency medical dispatcher from the Alameda County Regional Emergency Communications Center, Martinez and Narciso worked together to repeatedly pump Wenzler’s chest several hundred times, followed each time by mouth-to-mouth breaths for nearly 30 minutes. The physical effort to keep him alive was exhausting, and the dispatcher offered specific instructions and encouragement.

“I know it’s tiring, but you guys are doing a really good job,” said the dispatcher.

Eventually a hiker, Michelle Stearns, also assisted with CPR until the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department transported Wenzler to ValleyCare Hospital. Thanks to quick thinking and the tireless work of Narciso and Martinez, their cycling companion is expected to make a full recovery.

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Teen Save 4 Year Old at Traffic Crash Site

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A 16-year-old girl was honored on Sunday for saving the life of a toddler. The City of Houston and the girl’s church formally recognized her act of courage.

On Sunday mornings at New Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, as the choir is singing and members are worshiping, you’ll find 16-year-old Jaelin Noel, at her post.

“At the church I am over the audio department,” said Jalien.

It’s a volunteer job with lots of responsibility and out of the spotlight, but today, all eyes were on the 10th grader.

“I Jerry Davis herby proclaim today as Jaelin Noel Day,” said Davis.

As she is being honored for volunteering, not to monitor audio, but to save a life.

“Many adults would not be quick on their feet enough to resuscitate a child,” said Davis.

It was last year, in fact the day before Christmas when the 16-year-old walked up to a horrific crash then discovered a father and his 4-year-old little girl had been ejected from a pick-up truck.

Eyewitness News first met Jaelin at the scene.

“I felt like it was my duty to help because it’s a child,” she said.

She had just received her CPR certification the day before when she grabbed the child and saved her life.

“She wasn’t breathing so I got down there and she wasn’t breathing and then you heard a ‘puff’ and then you heard her breathing,” she said.

Months later, Jaelin is still very emotional about that day.

It’s the day her mother and others say she became a hero.

“I’m proud. I’m a proud mom. I’m happy she was able to do what she needed to do to save that little girls life,” said Jaelin’s mother, Lakisha Brown said.

Jalien says she wasn’t able to get the 4-year old girl’s name but hopes she will get a chance to meet her one day.

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