11 Year Old Saves Sister in Bathtub

Posted by cocreator on September 24, 2013
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An 8-year-old girl slipped under the tub while taking a bath and stopped breathing.

But thanks to the quick actions of her big sister, the girl is now celebrating her 9th birthday.

They sang happy birthday to Gracie Singh today at the Scottsdale Fire Department. She’s about to turn 9 years old — and she has her 11-year-old sister Chloe to thank for that.

“I drowned in the bath tub,” says Gracie Singh.

“My sister was taking a bath and my mom checked on her…” says Chloe.

Her sister had apparently suffered a seizure and slipped beneath the water in her bath tub.

“I just started screaming at the top of my lungs call 911 call 911,” says mom Emile Singh.

“When I came in I told mom to get out of the way so I could do chest compressions. Then she woke up,” says Chloe.

Chloe learned CPR during health class at Copper Ridge Elementary School and she used it to save her sister’s life.

“When my husband handed me the phone for the 911 operator she was already breathing,” says Emile.

“My sister did chest compressions and I went in the fire truck,” says Gracie.

Besides celebrating Gracie’s 9th birthday, the Scottsdale Fire Department honored her sister Chloe with a special award and congratulated her.

And while enjoying some birthday cake, Chloe had some advice for students now taking health class.

“You should really pay attention when you are learning!”

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9 Year Old Saves 2 Year Old Sister from Drowning

Posted by cocreator on April 19, 2011
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A 9-year-old boy saved the life of his 2-year-old sister Sunday after she had fallen into their grandparents’ Mesa pool, fire officials said.

The little girl and her family had traveled from Las Vegas to visit their grandparents’ home in the 2600 block of South Athena, said Capt. Forrest Smith, a Mesa Fire Department spokesman.

The toddler somehow got into the pool, and for a few moments, the family didn’t know where she was. The mother spotted her on the pool’s surface and pulled her out. Her son began performing CPR on his sister, Smith said.

“He said he learned it from watching TV,” Smith said.

The boy saved his sister’s life, Smith said.

Neighbors said they heard screaming after the child was pulled from the pool and gathered to try to help. One of the neighbors, Kassie Ketring, 23, is a certified lifeguard. She said the child was breathing by the time she arrived in the yard.

“I got down on the child’s level and checked the airway, checked the breathing,” Ketring said. “I noticed she was breathing, so I just kept the airway open. I kept hearing the other child (the brother) saying, ‘You can’t die on me.’ It just sticks in my head, hearing that.”

On the way to the hospital, the toddler “started regaining her ability to breathe and started to cry,” Smith said.

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