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Bystanders & Security Guard Save Moviegoer

Posted by cocreator on June 14, 2014
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A woman is thanking moviegoers and mall security for saving her husband’s life.

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Christopher Mazurek is in the hospital recovering after his heart stopped twice.

“I thought my world was just going to fall apart,” said his wife, Jean Mazurek.

Christopher Mazurek the Survivor

Christopher Mazurek the Survivor

Jean Mazurek said the 44-year-old father of two girls was at Cinemark movie theater at Pittsburgh Mills Mall Saturday, where he had gone to see a movie.

“He came back from the restroom and he was coming up the aisle when he collapsed. From that point, he doesn’t remember what happened,” she said.

Jean Mazurek said doctors told her Christopher Mazurek had heart disease and suffered a massive heart attack with 99 percent blockage of blood flow.

“It didn’t look well for a while,” said Jean Mazurek.

Frazier Township patrolman Aaron Scott arrived moments after the call.

“There were two civilians in there watching a movie who came out of the stands and start administering CPR to the gentleman,” said Scott.

Jean Mazurek thanks the mall security guard for using a portable defibrillator to get her husband’s heart beating again.

“They’re truly heroes to me, and if there were more people like that, it would be a better place,” said Jean Mazurek.

Christopher Mazurek will likely be in the Intensive Care Unit at West Penn Hospital for several weeks, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

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Boy Scouts Save Security Guard

Posted by cocreator on March 13, 2014
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A group of Boy Scouts from Cypress, Texas, saved a security guard’s life by administering CPR and checking his vitals until paramedics arrived. The group was in the building to attend mandatory first aid training.

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Security Supervisor & Nurse Save Retired Civil Servant during a Run

Posted by cocreator on August 18, 2012
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Dr Alan Heyes, a 63-year-old semi-retired civil servant of Tonbridge Road, suffered a cardiac arrest when he was running in his own street on May 17.

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He collapsed just outside the main gate to investment company Fidelity’s offices, where a cleaner saw him fall and alerted staff.

Security supervisor Jason Hurd rushed to Dr Heyes, armed with first aid kit and defibrillator.

Dr Alan Heyes the Survivor

But when he got there, a nurse from Tunbridge Wells Hospital who happened to be driving past, had already started giving CPR.

“She explained that the casualty was unconscious and not breathing,” Mr Hurd said.

He continued the compressions while she gave rescue breaths. But Dr Heyes was still not responding. The defibrillator was connected up and he was given an electric shock.

Both Mr Hurd and the nurse put the patient into the recovery position until paramedics and Kent Air Ambulance arrived to take him to Medway Maritime Hospital.

This week, a recovering Dr Heyes said: “All I remember is I went out for a seven-mile run up to Mill Lane past Ightham Mote, made it back, going past the bus stop, then I woke up in Medway hospital.

“I was out in the open, I could have collapsed anywhere but I happened to collapse where they had a defibrillator. I was very fortunate.

“Unfortunately if someone does have a heart attack, not all offices have defibrillators. This happens more than you think.

“If it wasn’t there, it’s most likely I wouldn’t have survived.”

Dr Heyes, who had to undergo heart bypass surgery, has since reunited with the staff who saved his life to say thank you.

He is also urging offices to follow Fidelity’s example and make sure they have defibrillators on site in case of similar emergencies.

Dr Heyes said: “I consider myself to be an extremely lucky chap as everything that you would want to be in place after a cardiac arrest was available.”

Mr Hurd added: “One of the paramedics dealing with the incident told me that if we had not acted as we did and had an AED (automated external defibrillator) to hand, the outcome for this patient would have been very different.”

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Nurse, Firefighter & Security Guards Save Man in Restaurant

Posted by cocreator on February 28, 2011
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A man who went into cardiac arrest while dining at a mall restaurant was saved by quick-thinking bystanders and security guards using a portable defibrillator, officials said Friday.

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The 35 year-old man was eating lunch at the Red Robin restaurant in the Westfield Connecticut Post mall last Saturday when his heart stopped, said Capt. Chris Zak of the Milford Fire Department. When the customer collapsed, restaurant manager Curtis Kilburn called 911 and the mall security office.

Two bystanders began performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the man, who had no pulse or heartbeat, Zak said. Jeanne DeMello, a nurse, and Mark Kipstein, an off-duty New York City firefighter, started the chest compressions within moments of the man’s collapse.

Security guards Brian Carlson and Michael Todd used the portable defibrillator to deliver one measured shock that returned the man’s heart to a normal rhythm, Zak said.

Mall spokesman Greg Udchitz said Friday that the mall owns at least two of the units, and the security guards and other Westfield personnel are trained in how to use them as well as in basic first aid and CPR. “It is very rare that we see a medical emergency like this, where we get to use our training,” he said.

Milford Fire Department paramedics arrived within four minutes, Zak said, and provided advanced life support services and oxygen. The man, who was not identified, was transported by ambulance to Milford Hospital.

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Security Guards Save Elderly Woman at Shopping Centre

Posted by cocreator on August 07, 2010
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Three security guards have been hailed as heroes after saving the life of a pensioner who lay dying in the town centre.

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The trio from Middleton Shopping Centre raced to the aid of 75-year-old Vera Roach who had collapsed close to Burton Street after suffering a cardiac arrest.

As well as administering CPR, the quick-thinking threesome of Leigh Garratt, John Hayes and Paul Robinson used a defibrillator kept in the shopping centre while an ambulance raced to the scene.

John Heyes, Paul Robinson & Leigh Garatt the Saviours

Mrs Roach’s daughter Jacqueline, said the men’s actions had saved her mum’s live.

“The doctors told me that if it wasn’t for the actions of the guards my mum wouldn’t have made it. I cannot thank them enough.”

Mrs Roach is expected to arrive home today (Thursday) after spending a fortnight being treated at North Manchester General Hospital.

She collapsed on June 30 close to the lights at the end of Burton Street after leaving her home to head into Middleton town centre for some shopping.

But as she prepared to cross Factory Street she suffered a heart attack and fell to the ground.

A few minutes later, security manager Leigh Garratt from Reliance, who manage Middleton Shopping Centre’s, spotted Mrs Roach on the ground.

“I was just heading out on my lunch when I spotted a crowd gathered around this lady,” he said. “I went over and started performing CPR and asked my colleagues to bring over the defibrillation machine from the shopping centre.”

Leigh’s colleagues, John and Paul, arrived with the machine as the trio continued to attempt to restart Mrs Roach’s heart while they waited for an ambulance to arrive.

Once paramedics arrived, they continued to assistant the medical crews as they prepared to transfer her to hospital.

“There is a golden few minutes when someone’s heart stops,” Leigh added. “I have since found out that Mrs Roach had been there for over 10 minutes before we arrived, but we are trained to do this and were glad to help out.”

As well as working as security guards in Middleton Shopping Centre, Leigh and his colleagues are all trained in basic life support as well as how to use a defibrillation machine.

David McNally, community resuscitation manager for NW ambulance, who trained the guards, said: “If these machines are used within four minutes of someone collapsing the chances of people surviving goes up quite dramatically and this is what happened here.

“It is testament to their skill and the programme we do that someone’s life has been saved.”

Since the incident, Mrs Roach has been fitted with a pacemaker and has made a speedy recovery.

Her daughter Jacqueline said she was expected to return to her home in Parkfield today (Thursday).

“I cannot thank the guards enough for what they have done,” she said. “Together with the ambulance and doctors they have saved my mum’s live.”

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