Teammates & Medics Save Oarsman

Posted by cocreator on May 03, 2010
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FOUR months ago, crewmates Andy Millar, Anthony Cooke-Yarborough and Pieter van Vrede were in the boat with Vince Kerrigan when he started to complain of heartburn.

Vince Kerrigan (left) the Survivor

Vince Kerrigan (left) the Survivor

Mr Millar, who was trained as a doctor, realised something was seriously wrong.

He said: “I grabbed his wrist and was horrified to feel a rapidly fading pulse and a cold, clammy feel to his skin.”

The crew hauled him on to the bank and tried to keep him alive with cardiac massage until emergency crews could arrive.

Mr Kerrigan added: “I cannot remember any of this, but I dread to think who was giving me the kiss of life.

“The next thing I remember is being in the ambulance. I felt fine and cracked a joke about wanting something to eat.”

Only emergency first aid from lifeboatmen who rushed to the scene brought him back to life.

He said: “I was officially dead. I owe my life to the RNLI who came to my rescue. Thanks to their defibrillator, they got my heart working again.”

He was in hospital for just 48 hours after his collapse. Medics told him his heart was fine, and the problem had been with a separate major artery.

Within a month he was back at work, and within two months he was back training on the water.

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