Waitress Save Elderly Man in Fast Food Restaurant

Posted by cocreator on March 19, 2014
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A Pizza Hut waitress is being hailed a hero after she helps save the life of a customer whose heart stopped beating.

Heather Bateman the Saviour

Heather Bateman the Saviour

It happened on February 24th at A Pizza Hut in Kendallville, Indiana.

Heather Bateman was waiting tables when she saw an elderly man passed out.

Turns out, Bateman used to be an emergency medical technician, so her medical instincts kicked in.

Bateman noticed the elderly man, Carl Weathers, had no pulse. She moved him to the floor and began CPR and chest compression.

“I really appreciate Heather and her manager to help me out that just shows you, the first responders are out there, and they do help you. You never know when something like that will happen,” said Weathers

“It’s always an amazing feeling. My adrenaline was obviously still pumping at the time. But I don’t call myself a hero. I like to help people,” explains Bateman.

Weather says he hopes to visit the pizza place soon to thank Bateman in person.

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Priest Saves Man in Restaurant

Posted by cocreator on March 11, 2014
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A Knoxville priest is being hailed a hero after saving a man who collapsed during lunch Monday afternoon at Aubrey’s Restaurant off Northshore Drive.

Father David Boettner of Sacred Heart Cathedral says what started as a peaceful lunch with friends, quickly turned into a desperate situation.

“They started calling out to a doctor, so I climbed over the booth and I could see that this gentleman was unconscious,” Boettner said.

Father David Boettner the Saviour

Father David Boettner the Saviour

Walter Fitzgerald Jr., who works at South College, had stopped breathing. Boettner sprang into action, trying to save his life by doing CPR.

“One of his coworkers and I started working on him. She was doing mouth to mouth and I was doing the chest compressions,” Boettner said.

But Fitzgerald still wasn’t breathing.

“I was very scared for him, and I was worried that this was not going to end well,” Boettner said.

Father Joe Reed was there eating lunch with Boettner and says as quickly as things turned bad, they got better.

“All of a sudden the man just came to. It was very dramatic, but it was wonderful to see how quickly Father David jumped into action,” Reed said.

“I was so excited. I was so overwhelmed that he was breathing again,” Boettner said.

Now, Boettner is preaching about the importance of CPR training.

“I would encourage anybody that can to learn CPR because those first few minutes when somebody has a heart attack are absolutely critical, and if you can be there to help somebody what a gift that is,” Boettner said.

Fitzgerald is being treated at UT Medical Center. He was listed in stable condition Monday night.

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Doctor & Restaurant Staff Save Mother of Two in Vehicle

Posted by cocreator on December 31, 2013
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A mother-of-two whose heart stopped as she was driving through a busy city centre was saved when a passer-by stepped in to give her CPR.

Joanne Durkin the Survivor

Joanne Durkin the Survivor

Joanne Durkin, 43, was driving through York City Centre when her heart stopped and she collapsed behind the wheel.

Staff from a nearby Turkish restaurant called Kapadokya saw the car roll to a stop and ran to the mother’s aid.

They then smashed a car window and pulled Mrs Durkin free from the vehicle.

A woman, believed to be from Liverpool who was Christmas shopping in the city, identified herself as a GP. She then performed heart massage until paramedics arrived.

Mrs Durkin said: ‘You really couldn’t make up what happened. It’s amazing that so many different factors came together that day to save my life.

‘I still feel tired, but I’m so thankful that everything is going to be okay. My guardian angel really must have been looking after me that day.’

Mrs Durkin has no recollection of the incident but she, husband Patrick, and sons Matthew, 18, and Daniel, 11, have thanked the heroic members of the public and the emergency services.

The mother was later diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome – an electrical disturbance to the heart and can cause death.

Mrs Durkin has been fitted with an implant with a built-in defibrillator which will restart her heart should this ever happen again, and she is on medication to help control her heart rate.

Mr Durkin, 51, said: ‘She was given a blast with the defibrillator and brought back round.

‘Her heart stopped again in the ambulance but they started her up again and got her to A&E. She was just so lucky that someone was there at the time to help her.

‘The car came to a stop with no damage. It’s miraculous really because obviously she just blacked out. She’s been unlucky, but there’s been so much luck involved it’s unbelievable.’

‘[Long QT Syndrome] can be classed as instant death syndrome which is quite a scary thing to think about.

‘Ten minutes later she would have been in the middle of nowhere on a much quieter road and it would have been a much different story.

‘She had just minutes to survive. It was just unbelieveable. She ran the marathon in October, she runs all over the place, she’s as fit as a fiddle.

‘I would have thought there would be more chance of Stonehenge falling over than Joanne falling over.’

Erdal Ozturkce, manager of Kapadokya, was one of the people who helped Joanne at the scene, and was amazed to find out she was well and at home for Christmas.

He said: ‘Her face changed colour when her heart stopped and we thought she was dead. I’m really very happy she’s okay, it’s really good to hear.

‘I’m really happy she’s alive, because we were really very upset. I didn’t know her at all, but she’s human and young, and it would be very sad for someone to die at Christmas time.’

The mother is now launching an appeal to thank the GP who helped to save her life when her heart stopped while she was behind the wheel.

Speaking from their family home today, Mr Durkin said: ‘We just want to say thank you to them. I just want to share our gratitude which is endless, because they saved Joanne’s life.

‘You can’t do anything better than that for a fellow human being.’

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Doctor & Colleague Save Waitress in Restaurant

Posted by cocreator on November 28, 2013
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Student Paige Hurley was enjoying her once-in-a-lifetime trip to Australia.

Paige Hurley the Survivor

Paige Hurley the Survivor

The seemingly healthy 22-year-old was working as a waitress to help fund her travels around the stunning country.

Paige, who is a third year student at Leeds University, was about an hour into her shift when disaster struck. The theatre and performance student suddenly collapsed in front of horrified customers.

Stunned diners could be seen on CCTV footage wondering what to do to help her. At first they thought she may have just tripped over but then the harsh reality of the situation dawned on them.

Paige was unconscious and her heart had stopped beating. It had gone into cardiac arrest.

Thankfully there was a doctor in the restaurant who knew exactly what to do to save her life. He showed Paige’s boss how to administer CPR and he started chest compressions to help massage her heart.

There was a lifesaving defibrillator located upstairs in the shopping centre where the restaurant was located. By following the electronic device’s simple steps the quick-thinking volunteers helped to restart Paige’s heart.

Paige, now 24, said: “If it hadn’t been for the doctor and the nearby defibrillator then I might have died.

“I was just so lucky that there were people there at the time who were able to take over and offer assistance to me.

“It just makes you realise that there is a lot of kindness in strangers.

“And the only reason that they knew where the defibrillator was is because there was a guy there who went to the gym upstairs.

“I will always be thankful for the defibrillator that was next door that started my heart again.”

Paige was diagnosed with a heart condition called Catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia or CPVT. The condition is connected to the rhythm of the heart and tends to show itself if the heart speeds up.

Paige now has a defibrillator fitted to her heart to help make sure that her heart maintains a regular rhythm.

And the defibrillator helped to save her life for a second time after she collapsed on stage during a production at Leeds University.

The performance student didn’t realise that exercise and stage nerves could impact on her condition.

She said: “I was giving it welly and my heart sped up to nearly 180 beats per minute.

“The defibrillator kicked in and restarted my heart before it got serious.

“One of the girls helped me up. I just looked around and carried on.”

Following the incident last year all of Paige’s co-workers decided to learn lifesaving first aid.

Her old restaurant even gave her a copy of the CCTV footage that captured the incident before she left.

She said: “It was just strange to see. I was extremely lucky.

“I think because of what happened all the people I was working with all started to decide to be fully trained in first aid. I was then able to give a little bit of awareness and realised that you need to know the basics of first aid.

“I think that it is a responsibility that we all should take seriously. Once you learn the basics it is not that hard. You shouldn’t be scared of doing first aid and a lot of people have said they would be terrified to use a defibrillator.

“There’s is nothing to be terrified about because you could be helping to save someone’s life. We should all try to help each other.

“One day if it happened to you then you will expect that same kind of treatment from strangers just like I did.

“It is just so important to know what to do.”

Paige now looks for defibrillators around Leeds wherever she goes.

She also hopes that the lifesaving electronic devices will be fitted in schools across the country.

She said: “I know how important it is to know exactly where they are.

“If you are going to have one then everyone needs to know about it.”

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Council Woman Saves Customer in Restaurant

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A Dallas city councilwoman saved the life of a fellow diner who had a medical emergency inside a restaurant.

“I’m just glad I was able to help and that the outcome was good,” said Councilwoman Jennifer Staubach Gates, who is a registered nurse and the daughter of NFL Hall of Famer and Dallas Cowboy legend Roger Staubach.

Gates was just finishing up her salmon dinner at The Mercury at the corner of Preston Road and Forest Lane when her waiter approached with an urgent question.

“Our waiter had come to the table and said, ‘Is anybody here trained medically?'” she said.

A man in the back of the restaurant appeared to be choking, and other patrons were already trying to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

Gates, who has not worked full time in health care for 20 years, began assessing the man and determined that he did not appear to have a pulse.

“He was in distress,” she said. “I was really worried about him.”

Gates and other people in the restaurant helped move the man to the floor, and she then began administering CPR for what she estimates to be between two to three minutes.

Finally, the man lurched, began to vomit and began to breathe, she said.

“She really was a hero,” said Moe Shayeghi, manager of The Mercury, who witnessed the entire incident.

Paramedics arrived and the man, at the urging of Gates, was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

The man is the father-in-law of a server at The Mercury, Shayeghi said. He is home now and recovering from the ordeal.

“Without a doubt, without a doubt, if she wasn’t here that night, I don’t think the outcome would be the same,” Shayeghi said. “I think he would have been gone. She saved a life.”

For her part, Gates does not agree with the “hero” claim.

“I’m just relieved I was able to help,” she said. “I was comfortable with my past training, and I could make a difference. But, again, I think anybody with that background would have stepped in and done the same thing.”

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