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Man & Respiratory Therapist Save Man in Gym

Posted by cocreator on November 21, 2008
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We will be reporting on lives saved around the world since our first documented life saved here in Singapore.

Frank Hermans & Mike Uttech

Frank Hermans & Mike Uttech

Mike Uttech, a 37-year-old businessman, collapsed while running on a treadmill at Western Racquet & Fitness Club in Ashwaubenon.

“I¬†was on the treadmill about 5 miles an hour,” Uttech said. “About 4 minutes in, I felt really lightheaded. I stepped off the treadmill, and that was the last thing I remember until I had a paramedic standing above.”

Working out at a fitness club last week, entertainer Frank Hermans heard a thud nearby.

Uttech moaned and gasped in horrific ways, his eyes dilated and he turned blue, Hermans said.

“I couldn’t feel a pulse,” Hermans said.

Strangers sprang to action. One called 911. Others sought help within the club.

Noreen Van Den Berg was in a yoga class when someone burst in panicky, asking if anybody worked in the medical profession. Van Den Berg is a respiratory therapist, and she went to assist.

“I was the heart messager, and she took the breath,” Hermans said

Van Den Berg asked if an automatic external defibrillator (AED) was available, and one was brought from the front desk.

The CPR worked to begin with, and then they felt they had lost him,” said Reid Hans, general manager. “Then they shocked him with the AED and brought him back.”

Uttech began to breathe on his own, sit up and speak. After about eight minutes of help from members and staff, emergency medical personnel were on hand to take over.

The doctors told Uttech he would not have survived without the club’s defibrillator.

“It’s hard to realize how close to death you were,” Uttech said.

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