Medic & Jockeys Save Trainer at Racetrack

Posted by cocreator on November 04, 2009
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Christchurch jockeys Terry Moseley said he was chatting to Invercargill trainer John Reece about his horse.

“He said ‘I need a beer, I’m hot’. All of a sudden, his head hit my shoulder and he dropped like a stone.”

Mr Moseley said he rolled Mr Reece over and cleared his airways before urgently seeking medical help.

Meanwhile, jockey Corey Argue undertook CPR until St John ambulance officer Dave Hay arrived and used a defibrillator to re-start Mr Reece’s heart.

Mr Hay said the machine was an important factor in saving Mr Reece’s life.

Mr Reece’s horse, Midnite Murma’s, had finished second at Wingatui 20 minutes before he collapsed.

A Dunedin Hospital spokeswoman last night said Mr Reece was in a serious but stable condition.

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Paramedics Save Elderly Horseman at Race

Posted by cocreator on August 22, 2009
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Paramedics Casey Porteous and Krista Law were trackside at Hiawatha Horse Park about 5:20 p.m. Thursday when horseman Roger Hamm fell from a sulky during a race qualifier.

Roger Hamm being Saved

Roger Hamm being Saved

Hamm had no vital signs.

“I could see there was no movement so I jumped the fence and ran out on the track. There was no pulse. He was dead,” said Porteous.

He undid the horseman’s clothing, removed his flak jacket and started CPR compressions.

Law jumped the fence too and began artificial respiration.

“Someone came with a defibrillator, put one shock into him and brought him back. Minutes later he was alert and talking.

“I’ve been doing this for six years and this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone come back,” Porteous said. “To have someone we’ve brought back and then talk to him … that’s an amazing feeling.”

He estimates two to three minutes elapsed from the time Hamm fell to the time he was revived.

Law accompanied Hamm’s wife on the way to Bluewater Health and learned her 68-year-old husband has been horseracing for decades.

“We sat and talked to him and he couldn’t say thank you enough,” Porteous said. “I told him it wasn’t his time.”

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