Bystanders & Paramedics Save Man while Playing Frisbee

Posted by cocreator on August 04, 2011
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Ottawa paramedics revived a man Monday night whose heart stopped after playing Ultimate Frisbee in east Ottawa, inspiring calls for more safety on the city’s fields.

Paramedics said the call came in around 7:50 p.m. Monday to the fields on Lynda Lane, just east of downtown Ottawa.

A 41-year-old man had been playing Ultimate Frisbee when he complained of chest pains, but didn’t make it to his car to drive to hospital.

“He was not feeling well, complaining of chest pain,” said J.P. Trottier with the Ottawa Paramedic Service “(He) was walking to his car thinking he was going to drive himself to hospital, his teammates though saw him collapse.”

He said his teammates started CPR, but when paramedics arrived the man had no vital signs.

The man was shocked once with a defibrillator and given continued CPR until his heartbeat returned on the way to the hospital.

“We’re really happy that our members were there,” said Susan Driedger with the Ottawa-Carleton Ultimate Organization, which covers more than 4,500 players. “There were people there that were knowledgeable, that saw the signs of the cardiac arrest.”

The following day, soccer players on the same field said the incident taught them to listen to their body’s signs.

“You see it all the time where guys will go out and get a little too aggressive, exercising beyond their norm,” said Perry Eisenschmid. “With this heat and humidity it also makes it a factor.”

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