Pastor & Paramedic Save Church Member

Posted by cocreator on January 21, 2011
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Back in September at the Chisholm Heights Baptist Church in Mustang, Martha Rhodes was talking to fellow church members when she suddenly fell over.

Sudden, had no pain, no chest pain like, nothing. I didn’t feel any different,” Rhodes

Blood clots could have taken Rhodes life, but she said divine intervention saved her. Her pastor Scott Badgett took a short lunch that day and came back to the church just minutes after Rhodes fell lifeless.

“She was already ashen and her lips were blue. It looked like she was gone. She wasn’t breathing,” Badgett said.

So Badgett started “bystander CPR” by doing chest compressions. It was the first time since his training 30 years ago that he needed to use the skill. He continued the CPR while EMSA paramedic Kimberly Maze prepped the defibrillator.

“It was probably three or four shocks before we got a pulse back on her,” Maze said.

Maze said it’s amazing Rhodes is alive. Maze credited Badgett’s work, but Badgett said he had help.

“I guess it just helps me to know that God can use just about anybody because it had been so long since I had CPR. It wasn’t something I had ever done on someone before,” Badgett said.

Rhodes said she is forever grateful for her pastor, and that day changed her life for the better. Rhodes is now healthy and strong, but she said she will never be the same.

“I do feel different because I treat everyday like a gift, and when I say goodbye to my loves ones, I will make sure I say goodbye because you never know it might be your last time to do that,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes now has a defibrillator, and she said ironically she was trying to get a CPR class together for the church before her near death experience. Church members have since put together a class.

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