Bystanders & Security Guard Save Moviegoer

Posted by cocreator on June 14, 2014
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A woman is thanking moviegoers and mall security for saving her husband’s life.

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Christopher Mazurek is in the hospital recovering after his heart stopped twice.

“I thought my world was just going to fall apart,” said his wife, Jean Mazurek.

Christopher Mazurek the Survivor

Christopher Mazurek the Survivor

Jean Mazurek said the 44-year-old father of two girls was at Cinemark movie theater at Pittsburgh Mills Mall Saturday, where he had gone to see a movie.

“He came back from the restroom and he was coming up the aisle when he collapsed. From that point, he doesn’t remember what happened,” she said.

Jean Mazurek said doctors told her Christopher Mazurek had heart disease and suffered a massive heart attack with 99 percent blockage of blood flow.

“It didn’t look well for a while,” said Jean Mazurek.

Frazier Township patrolman Aaron Scott arrived moments after the call.

“There were two civilians in there watching a movie who came out of the stands and start administering CPR to the gentleman,” said Scott.

Jean Mazurek thanks the mall security guard for using a portable defibrillator to get her husband’s heart beating again.

“They’re truly heroes to me, and if there were more people like that, it would be a better place,” said Jean Mazurek.

Christopher Mazurek will likely be in the Intensive Care Unit at West Penn Hospital for several weeks, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

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Bystander & Staff Save Man at Supermarket

Posted by cocreator on February 22, 2014
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A North Wildwood resident went to the Rio Grande ShopRite on Saturday for a hoagie, but he got a lot more than that.

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Brown was ordering sandwiches at the supermarket’s luncheonette at about noon when he heard a woman scream. The off-duty EMT looked around the corner and saw a man collapsed on the ground. A moment later, a page for the store’s medical team went out over the intercom.

Brown rushed to the man and told the medical team he is an EMT. He felt for the man’s pulse and, noticing there was none, initiated CPR. At the same time, he directed ShopRite staff to grab the store’s automated external defibrilator.

Once the device had charged, the staff applied its paddles to the man but it said not to administer a shock. Brown resumed CPR, and less than a minute later the man began breathing.

By the time EMTs arrived, the man had awoken and was speaking. He was transported to Cape Regional Medical Center.

Brown has spent about 15 years as an EMT for the Wildwood Crest Rescue Squad and the Wildwood Volunteer Fire Department. He said he has about a half-dozen saves in that time.

Despite his heroism, Brown credited the ShopRite staff, saying he was simply in the right place at the right time.

“Everything went book-wise, the way it should have gone,” he said. “Whoever does their training at ShopRite, their people did a marvelous job.”

Brown said he did not know the man’s name and Middle Township police were unable to release his identity Wednesday night.

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Nurse Saves Shopper outside Superstore

Posted by cocreator on December 18, 2013
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A local woman who was finishing her holiday shopping was thrust into the middle of a life-changing and potentially life-saving situation.

She’s just glad she was there to help.

Like everyone this time of year, Pam Meyer was just trying to finish up her holiday shopping. But steps outside of a local Walmart, there was little more than the normal hustle and bustle.

“I was pushing my buggy to go to my car,” she said, “I noticed there was a lady laying on the floor by the glass doors at Walmart.”

That lady, as Meyer would soon find out, was in cardiac arrest and had no pulse. Without a second thought, Meyer, an operating room nurse at Shadyside Hospital, went to work.

“I just started CPR, just like this, 30 times a minute,” she said. “And I just kept pressing on her chest until the Baldwin paramedics showed up.”

Meyer said she yelled to the crowd for help, to store employees, to fellow shoppers, but no one stepped up.

So for 15 minute, Meyer feverishly worked to keep the woman alive by herself.

“While I was doing CPR, it was only me,” she said.

“If I wasn’t there, I’m not sure what would have happened with this lady and I still don’t really know,” Meyer added.

As luck – or fate – would have it, Meyer is a CPR instructor. She’s taught hundreds of people how to perform the lifesaving technique. But this woman was her first “live” patient.

“I have a big heart and it doesn’t – somebody was dying and that’s what I felt that I needed to do,” she said.

Meyer knows that she did all she could do, but says more people need to be trained.

“My concern is for anyone that’s out there, if there is nobody that can take care of people that are in cardiac arrest in a facility such as Walmart or Sears, or a big facility, whatever, whoever they are, I think employees need to be trained on how to do CPR,” she said.

The woman was taken to Jefferson Hospital, but the hospital is not releasing any information on her condition.

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Doctor & Bystanders Save Young Woman while Working

Posted by cocreator on March 17, 2012
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Paramedics have praised the efforts of a group of quick-thinking shoppers who revived a young woman who went into cardiac arrest on one of Melbourne’s busiest shopping strips last night.

The woman, aged about 24 or 25, was working at a shop on Chapel Street in South Yarra when she suddenly collapsed about 8.30pm and her heart stopped beating.

A group of shoppers rushed to the woman’s aid, including a doctor who recognised that the woman was in cardiac arrest.

Intensive care paramedic Craig Hazelwood said the doctor realised a neighbouring shopping centre would have a defibrillator and went to fetch it.

Meantime bystanders had waved down a passing police car, and police officers performed CPR on the woman until the doctor returned with the defibrillator.

“The police were able to do really good, effective CPR on the patient,” Mr Hazelwood said.

“The doctor got the defibrillator to the patient really promptly and by the time we got there the woman only needed two shocks from the ambulance and we got her pulse back, which was just fantastic.

“We actually didn’t have to do that much at all. The patient started breathing by herself and she had a good pulse and blood pressure so we just packaged her up and got her to … The Alfred hospital.

“It is a busy area and I think there were a lot of shocked bystanders. I don’t think that anybody really saw it [coming].”

Mr Hazelwood said the woman was “normally fit and healthy” and it was unclear why she suddenly collapsed.

However he said 30,000 Australians died every year from sudden cardiac arrest.

The bystanders had saved the woman’s life, he said.

“This is just a classic example of how it can occur and it was great to see the people around her jump into action and have a go,” Mr Hazelwood said.

“That’s what it’s really all about, giving these people the best opportunity to survive the incident and the only way to do that is for people to, if they have a defibrillator available to them, to get that out and get that on the patient quickly, to start good effective CPR.”

He said even if a person did not have first aid training, performing chest compressions on an unconscious person who was not breathing to the beat of the Bee Gees song Stayin’ Alive was the best thing to do.

“We really encourage people to just have a go,” Mr Hazelwood said.

“We really need people in the public to do exactly what we saw tonight. Access to defibrillator is absolutely fantastic. If you can get one on to the patient quickly it’s great, but even if you don’t, then good effective CPR. Get in there to the beat of Stayin’ Alive and we’ll see a lot more people stay alive.”

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Mall Staff, Friend & Doctor Save CEO

Posted by cocreator on November 04, 2011
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An Arizona man leaves Dallas in good health thanks to the quick actions of a friend, an automated external defibrillator and fast-acting firefighters.

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Roy Tousley collapsed at Galleria Dallas on Oct. 27. In a matter of minutes, his friend had started CPR.

A doctor walking by intervened next and began compressions.

Mall security then arrived and gave him two shocks with an AED, but Tousley was still in danger.

Dallas Fire-Rescue Engine 20 was first on the scene and took over, continuing CPR and using the defibrillator. By the time firefighters got Tousley to Medical City Dallas he was breathing on his own and stable.

“This is an awesome outcome, we’re very happy to see it. We don’t get to see it enough,” said Jay Prigmore the driver, engineer and paramedic for Engine 20.

Tousley and his wife stopped by the fire house on Wednesday to say thank you to rescuers.

“I came to the fire station to give my very best to these gentlemen that saved my life,” said Tousley.

“We need to get defibrillators in every public place that we can,” said Myrna Tousley. “We need everybody to take a CPR course, that’s crucial.”

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