Bystander Saves Young Mother of 2 after Lightning Strike

Posted by cocreator on January 31, 2014
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A STRANGER who gave CPR to a woman after she was hit by lightning said the pair have struck a life-long bond.

Simone Newman, 27, of Macedon, was struck by a lightning bolt on the top of her head and left lifeless for 20 minutes at Cairn Curran reservoir two weeks ago.

Mandy Herd, of Maryborough, was in her car at the time and ran to the bank of the water to give Simone CPR.

Simone spent almost a week in hospital before making a special visit to meet up with the woman who helped save her.

Ms Herd described their reunion as surreal.

She said it was an extremely emotional catch up.

“It was just a wonderful experience to be able to meet someone after that,” she said.

“Having the opportunity to spend time with her was like catching up with a long lost friend.”

Ms Herd said Simone, a mother of two, didn’t know what to say when they first met.

“She was basically a little bit speechless. I think she couldn’t quite put it into words. But she couldn’t be thankful enough.”

She said Simone has made an incredible recovery in the days since being struck by lightning.

“She was in great spirits,” she said.

“It was good seeing her looking really well. It’s amazing it was not long ago at all and she’s looking so much better already. She’s still recovering.”

She said the pair had already formed a strong bond.

“There are no words that could possibly describe how each of us were feeling, it was very heartfelt.

“It’s a special bond that has been forged that will last forever between us all.

“We most certainly will be staying in touch.”

Simone’s partner’s father Paul West said he was extremely grateful for the assistance that Ms Herd gave at the time.

He said she had instructed him to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation as the pair worked for 20 minutes before Simone showed signs of life.

“Mandy took over and did a great job,” he said.

“We were lucky she was there. It was just one of those things. We were probably blessed that everything fell into place.”

Simone was in intensive care at Bendigo Health and was in a stable condition before her release.

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Coaches & Firefighters Save Teen after Lightning Strike

Posted by cocreator on August 14, 2009
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It happened around 4pm Wednesday during football practice at Pinewood Christian Academy in Bellville, Georgia.

Dalton Raulerson the Survivor with Parents

Dalton Raulerson the Survivor with Parents

Dozens of kids and coaches were on the football field when a lightning bolt came out of nowhere, hitting one of the players.

Student Colby Ambrose was there when the lightning hit 14-year-old William Dalton Raulerson and still can’t believe it happened.

“We’d just gone done stretching and we were going to the practice field and we were crossing the track and all of a sudden you hear this big boom. Everybody was screaming and running trying to get to the field house. We didn’t know what was happening,” said Cody.

“One of the coaches said when he got his vision back, there was a big cloud of dust. He looked back and saw the kids scattering and there was one that didn’t move,” said Volunteer firefighter Robert Jernigan.

Coaches immediately started CPR on the teen, using a defibrillator until the ambulance arrived.

All the players were pretty shook up. A number of them were knocked down to the ground when the lightning hit. They were checked out by doctors and are going to be fine.

Raulerson is in critical condition at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah. His family is by his side, along with friends, coaches and school administrators.


“Someone at the hospital told me his heart stopped beating for seven minutes,” said his mother Tanya Raulerson. “I remember thinking he’s probably brain dead. That’s before I knew they did CPR.”

“You know they say it’s just their job,” said Lawrence. “But there’s times people go way beyond their job.

Dalton has no memory of what happened. His parents have explained his miracle, gradually.

“We sat him down and said you had a really close call,” said Tanya. “The coaches played a big part in you being here. Last night, we finally told him his heart didn’t beat for seven to eight minutes.

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