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Store Worker, Cop & Paramedics Save Cop at Gas Station

Posted by cocreator on November 14, 2009
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Don Moore, a Jamaica Beach police officer, filled up his truck on his day off last week at a local Valero gas station. It all was routine.

What happened next was a blur.

A bystander ran inside the Valero convenience store, 16710 San Luis Pass Road, and exclaimed that a man had collapsed at a gas pump.

August Cook, 32, was working behind the cash register at the store that afternoon. He dialed 911 while dashing outside.

Cook found Moore wedged between the pump and his truck and had difficulty getting close enough to the man to administer rescue breaths, but he was able to perform chest compressions, Cook said.

Cook obtained CPR certification during college but never had used the lifesaving technique, he said.

Moore initially had a pulse but wasn’t breathing, then his pulse halted, Cook said.

“I was just looking at him and worried because he started to turn colors,” Cook said. “It was hectic, but my mind was focused on listening to the dispatcher. I was scared and nervous, but I had to stay focused.”

Jamaica Beach Police Lt. Stephen Hubbell was one of the first officials to arrive at the gas station.

Hubbell and Cook pushed Moore on his side, and Hubbell moved the truck.

Cook then began CPR.

The Jamaica Beach Volunteer Fire Department arrived and took over CPR. Galveston EMS arrived shortly after and used a defibrillator on Moore.

Galveston EMS personnel shocked Moore with a defibrillator three times, and he regained a stronger heartbeat each time, Hubbell said.

Moore began breathing on his own in the ambulance.

Moore, 67, was listed in critical condition at the University of Texas Medical Branch’s cardiac intensive care unit as of Tuesday, Kristen Hensley, a hospital spokeswoman, said.

“I feel that if August hadn’t been trying to do chest compressions, (Moore) wouldn’t have survived,” Hubbell said.

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