“Catch That Fib” Fund

Posted by cocreator on January 16, 2014
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Purpose : To promote use of AEDs for Out-of-Hospital medical emergencies

Total Fund Amount : $10,000

Fundable Items : AED accessories ( specifically electrode pads and battery packs ) after each AED use

Eligibility :

1. AED registered on Crowdsav platform before event. Use the free Crowdsav apps ( download from Apple App & Google Play app stores ) to upload AED data via “Add AED” button. Only information with image of deployed AED is accepted.

2. AEDs owned by organisations and corporate entities must be used outside of “Duty-of-Care” area. ( as per Workplace Safety and Health Act ). AEDs owned by private individuals must be used on non-relatives outside of own residences.

3. Rhythm must show ventricular fibrillation. Rhythm must be downloaded from AED in presence of appointed assessor.

4. Not dependent on outcome of rescue attempt.

5. Amount of funding is equal to costs of replacing consumables, cap at $500 per payout.

6. Funds are on reimbursement basis. Receipts or invoices must be produced before payouts.

7. Excluded are government organisations, healthcare institutions, ambulance services providers or in any situation where a fee-for-service is involved.

Further questions please email to info[at]firstaidcorps[dot]org

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