Friends Save Cyclist on Outing

Posted by cocreator on March 19, 2014
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One morning last month, just after pedaling up a long hill through Golden Eagle Estates that leads to a Pleasanton ridge trailhead, Karl Wenzler, 46, collapsed from cardiac arrest in front of his friends, Brian Martinez and Joe Narciso.

The three friends regularly ride their mountain bikes together, and on this day they planned to continue up a steep, unpaved trail. Martinez, an Alameda County Sheriff’s deputy, and Narciso, an executive with Safeway, rushed to assist Wenzler, calling 911 for paramedics and to administer CPR since their friend was unconscious and not breathing.

Assisted over the phone by an emergency medical dispatcher from the Alameda County Regional Emergency Communications Center, Martinez and Narciso worked together to repeatedly pump Wenzler’s chest several hundred times, followed each time by mouth-to-mouth breaths for nearly 30 minutes. The physical effort to keep him alive was exhausting, and the dispatcher offered specific instructions and encouragement.

“I know it’s tiring, but you guys are doing a really good job,” said the dispatcher.

Eventually a hiker, Michelle Stearns, also assisted with CPR until the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department transported Wenzler to ValleyCare Hospital. Thanks to quick thinking and the tireless work of Narciso and Martinez, their cycling companion is expected to make a full recovery.

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Doctor & Homeless Ex-EMT Save Cyclist

Posted by cocreator on December 12, 2013
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Luis Martinez is lucky to be alive.

If it wasn’t for two men who spotted him lying down blue in the face after falling off his bicycle last month at a Rosemead park, he might not be alive today.

“I’m thankful to God and to these two guys,” said Martinez a month after the accident. “They are my angels.”

Those angels are an anesthesiologist and a homeless man who happened to know CPR.

The drama started Nov. 4 when Dr. George Fedor, an anesthesiologist at Beverly Hospital in Montebello, was out for an afternoon run at Whittier Narrows Recreation Area in Rosemead.

He noticed Martinez lying on the ground near a bike path. Martinez had a gash on his forehead and was laboring for breath before losing consciousness.

Martinez, of Pico Rivera, had fallen off his bike and wasn’t wearing a helmet. The last thing he remembers was taking a picture of a squirrel before he blacked out.

Patrick, who gave only his first name, was closest to Martinez when he fell. Right away, Patrick began doing chest compressions while Fedor began giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

They were able to keep him alive until paramedics could arrive.

“Medically, Luis was in cardiopulmonary arrest,” Fedor said.

Fedor feels fortunate that he had such a key partner at his side that day. Patrick, it turns out, was an emergency medical technician who had hoped to be a paramedic.

Though Patrick’s dream fell through, Fedor feels it was great that the commercial truck driver — now homeless — was able to put to practical use something he had studied years ago.

“It really makes you look at people differently,” Fedor said. “This man helped me to save another man’s life.”

Martinez is grateful.

“We might start a band, you never know,” Martinez said. “He’s a smart guy, very smart.”

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Bystander & Cop Save Cyclist on Roadway

Posted by cocreator on March 16, 2013
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A Sacramento-area bicyclist is alive today thanks to a Marin County sheriff’s deputy and a private citizen who treated him after he collapsed on a San Geronimo Valley roadway Sunday afternoon, police said.

At about 3 p.m. passersby called 911 when they saw a woman performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a bicyclist in the roadway of Nicasio Valley Road, just north of Sir Francis Drake Boulevard.

Marin County sheriff’s Deputy Chris Boden was in the area and sped to the scene, arriving within two minutes to find the man unconscious and not breathing, said Marin sheriff’s Lt. Doug Pittman.

Boden determined the bicyclist had not been struck by a car; he brought out a defibrillator, an electrical diagnostic and treatment device, and attached the electrodes to the chest of the cyclist, a man in his 50s whose name has not been released.

The defibrillator diagnosed the cyclist with arrhythmia and directed Boden to administer an electric shock, which allowed the cyclist’s heart to reestablish an effective rhythm, Pittman said.

Minutes later, Marin County Fire Department medics arrived and continued treatment, transporting the cyclist to Marin General Hospital in Greenbrae. The cyclist’s family told police the cyclist was in intensive care Monday undergoing further treatment.

The sheriff’s office is trying to find the citizen who administered CPR to thank her for her lifesaving efforts. Firefighters and medical personnel said the citizen and the deputy sheriff saved the bicyclist’s life.

“Talking to the firefighters and the doctors at Marin General, they credited the use of the (defibrillator) with saving the cyclist’s life because he (Boden) was on-scene so quickly,” Pittman said.

“We are really proud of him. He deserves to be recognized for this outstanding performance and the fact that this individual’s life was saved,” Pittman said.

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Doctors & Cop Save Man while Cycling

Posted by cocreator on April 02, 2012
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When Jon Brayshaw collapsed during a bike ride on Saturday he had little idea he had a less than 10 per cent chance of surviving.

Jon Brayshaw the Survivor

His odds improved dramatically, however, when a cardiologist and two other doctors cycling behind him stopped to help. His outlook improved further when, several minutes later, an OC Transpo officer arrived with a defibrillator.

Jon, 43, and his wife Susan Brayshaw, 35, were cycling on a path near Wellington and Bay Street when Jon went into cardiac arrest. The two are avid bikers, clocking more than 1,600 kilometres together last year alone. “I noticed that I was breathing heavily, and my breathing didn’t seem to be feeding oxygen to my body, my body went numb and my eyesight started to fade,” said Jon. “At that point Susan turned around and saw me fall off my bike and I don’t really remember anything after that until I came to.”

Within 30 seconds of Jon collapsing, the three doctors were attempting to resuscitate him with CPR. Eight minutes after the collapse, an OC Transpo officer arrived with a defibrillator, which was used twice by the doctors. Ten minutes after his cardiac arrest, paramedics were on scene and administered a third and final shock to Jon that finally brought him around. Jon was loaded into an ambulance and sent to the Civic hospital, all within 15 minutes.

At the hospital, doctors successfully installed a stent and Jon made a quick recovery. He returned home Tuesday and says he feels “pretty good,” except for chest pains and burns due to the compressions and defibrillation.

In the frantic scene following her husband’s collapse, Susan was too shocked and confused to get the names of the people who helped. “I gave one of them a really quick hug and I think that was it. When I left with the police to follow the ambulance it hit me, ‘oh my god, I never got to thank the people that helped him.’”

Susan is now trying to get in touch with the first responders who helped her husband survive. “I didn’t even know they were doctors or anything, I thought they were just bystanders, I’m not even sure I would recognize them,” said Susan.

“I want to tell them thank you, but what does that mean. They brought my husband back to life, literally. I will be in debt to these people for the rest of my life.”

The crisis highlighted for Jon the importance of knowing CPR. “I am looking forward to taking a CPR course myself so that I can help someone else down the road, maybe on a bike path,” said Jon.

Susan says she and Jon will take CPR course together. “Instead of screaming for help I might have been able to help my husband, I mean luckily there were doctors there but what if there weren’t.”

The event also drove home the need for readily available defibrillators. “Every building, every company needs to have one of these, they actually do work.

“I could have buried my husband or I could have brought him home, and I brought him home and it’s all thanks to these people,” said Susan.

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Firefighters Save Man after Bike Ride

Posted by cocreator on March 17, 2012
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Police and firefighters, with help from a portable defibrillator, helped to save the life of a man who collapsed after a bike ride Saturday, authorities said.

Police received 9-1-1 calls about 3 p.m. reporting a man in his 40s has collapsed in the 800 block of North Lincoln Avenue, Montebello police Lt. Andy Vuncanon said.

“It appeared he may have been exercising,” the lieutenant said. He collapsed while near his car with a bike.”

Cpl. A Iglesias and Officer M. Leal responded to the Vuncanon said.

“They assessed the victim and determined that he had no pulse, and immediately began CPR and utilized the (portable defibrillator),” Vuncanon said.

“The fire department relieved them, and they were able to establish a pulse and transport the victim to Beverly Hospital,” the lieutenant said.

The man remained hospitalized in an intensive care unit Sunday, officials said.

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