Bystander & Staff Save Man at Supermarket

Posted by cocreator on February 22, 2014
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A North Wildwood resident went to the Rio Grande ShopRite on Saturday for a hoagie, but he got a lot more than that.

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Brown was ordering sandwiches at the supermarket’s luncheonette at about noon when he heard a woman scream. The off-duty EMT looked around the corner and saw a man collapsed on the ground. A moment later, a page for the store’s medical team went out over the intercom.

Brown rushed to the man and told the medical team he is an EMT. He felt for the man’s pulse and, noticing there was none, initiated CPR. At the same time, he directed ShopRite staff to grab the store’s automated external defibrilator.

Once the device had charged, the staff applied its paddles to the man but it said not to administer a shock. Brown resumed CPR, and less than a minute later the man began breathing.

By the time EMTs arrived, the man had awoken and was speaking. He was transported to Cape Regional Medical Center.

Brown has spent about 15 years as an EMT for the Wildwood Crest Rescue Squad and the Wildwood Volunteer Fire Department. He said he has about a half-dozen saves in that time.

Despite his heroism, Brown credited the ShopRite staff, saying he was simply in the right place at the right time.

“Everything went book-wise, the way it should have gone,” he said. “Whoever does their training at ShopRite, their people did a marvelous job.”

Brown said he did not know the man’s name and Middle Township police were unable to release his identity Wednesday night.

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Council Woman Saves Customer in Restaurant

Posted by cocreator on November 08, 2013
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A Dallas city councilwoman saved the life of a fellow diner who had a medical emergency inside a restaurant.

“I’m just glad I was able to help and that the outcome was good,” said Councilwoman Jennifer Staubach Gates, who is a registered nurse and the daughter of NFL Hall of Famer and Dallas Cowboy legend Roger Staubach.

Gates was just finishing up her salmon dinner at The Mercury at the corner of Preston Road and Forest Lane when her waiter approached with an urgent question.

“Our waiter had come to the table and said, ‘Is anybody here trained medically?'” she said.

A man in the back of the restaurant appeared to be choking, and other patrons were already trying to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

Gates, who has not worked full time in health care for 20 years, began assessing the man and determined that he did not appear to have a pulse.

“He was in distress,” she said. “I was really worried about him.”

Gates and other people in the restaurant helped move the man to the floor, and she then began administering CPR for what she estimates to be between two to three minutes.

Finally, the man lurched, began to vomit and began to breathe, she said.

“She really was a hero,” said Moe Shayeghi, manager of The Mercury, who witnessed the entire incident.

Paramedics arrived and the man, at the urging of Gates, was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

The man is the father-in-law of a server at The Mercury, Shayeghi said. He is home now and recovering from the ordeal.

“Without a doubt, without a doubt, if she wasn’t here that night, I don’t think the outcome would be the same,” Shayeghi said. “I think he would have been gone. She saved a life.”

For her part, Gates does not agree with the “hero” claim.

“I’m just relieved I was able to help,” she said. “I was comfortable with my past training, and I could make a difference. But, again, I think anybody with that background would have stepped in and done the same thing.”

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Waitress Saves Diner in Restaurant

Posted by cocreator on March 24, 2011
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A waitress at Red Lobster restaurant on South Glenstone Avenue got a special honor on Wednesday. It wasn’t a birthday or anniversary but recognition for the way that Autumn Morris sprang into action and saved a man’s life.

Autumn Morris the Saviour

Morris wasn’t supposed to work last Aug. 6, but she did. On that day, Dan White of Rolla went into cardiac arrest at a table.

Morris immediately began CPR on White and continued until the fire department arrived. Morris visited his wife, Bernice, at the hospital, and kept in contact with the family through his recovery.

The Whites drove back to Springfield on Wednesday to see Morris honored with Liberty Mutual’s LifeSaver Award.

“Just think within yourself what it takes to be the one to jump to action,” said Red Lobster executive Bob Carver.

“I’m touched anytime someone makes a difference for someone else, and today I see that wife and husband together, so I know she made a big difference for that family, and her Red Lobster family makes a big difference with her, too,” said Gloria Morris, Autumn Morris’ mother.

This was the first time that Dan White really met Autumn Morris that he remembers. He says she invited him and his wife to the ceremony and they were happy to support her.

Red Lobster staff also gave the Whites a meal on the house that they could stay and finish in good health.

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Staff Save Customer in Cafe

Posted by cocreator on March 12, 2010
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Art Morris said his afternoon trip to Highway 7 Tim Hortons Sunday, Feb. 21 was a daily ritual. He arrived about 2 p.m., got his coffee and sat down to chat with a group of regulars.

After a while, one friend wondered why Art was leaning on him. “They told me that they thought I was leaning as if I was going to pick something off the floor, and I don’t remember another thing,” he said.

Two Tim Hortons staff members had started CPR right away.

At the couple’s home just south of Perth, Alma was getting ready for a shift as a supervisor at Lanark Lodge. “The phone rang about quarter after two and I thought maybe it was just friends calling for a visit, and I was rushing to get ready,” she recalled.

Fortunately, Alma decided to answer, and was told Art had fainted and was being taken to the Perth site of the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital.

Arriving at the hospital, Alma noticed there was a Perth Police vehicle there but didn’t realize “it was me they were waiting for.”

“When the ambulance staff arrived they made the comment that without the employees quick action, their efforts might not have been as successful,” said Alma. “We are very thankful.”

Alma said her knowledge of Art’s chances of survival, based on her professional experience, made the whole experience more terrifying if anything. “I was just like jelly,” she said. Doctors in both Perth and Kingston said Art’s survival, and relatively rapid recovery, were “a miracle.”

Last Monday Alma, along with her daughter, son, daughter-in-law and sister, went to the restaurant to thank the staff for helping to save Art.

“There were tears in our eyes, of course,” she said. “They weren’t looking for pay, they weren’t looking for words of praise or anything. The two staff members said thanks wasn’t necessary,” said Alma, “but my daughter piped up and said, “Yes, it is.””

“If you can save one person out of a thousand, isn’t it worth it?” said Alma.

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