School Employees Save Colleague

Posted by cocreator on October 09, 2008
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We will be reporting on lives saved around the world since our first documented life saved here in Singapore.

Sheehy was working in the cafeteria around 11:15 when Smith saw him fall. When she asked Sheehy if he was OK, he didn’t answer. After briefly trying to revive the man, who is in his 50s,¬†she yelled for help.

Kuklentz and DeAngelis responded immediately. The two performed CPR on Sheehy. “(Training) takes over before everything else,” she said.

When he remained unresponsive, they turned to the school’s defibrillator. By the time EMTs arrived, Sheehy was responsive.

DeAngelis said the defibrillator saved Sheehy’s life. Cameron said hospital workers confirmed that.

“Everyone acted calmly, quickly, appropriately,” said Cameron. “They did an outstanding job.”

“These two brought him back to life,” Smith said, pointing to DeAngelis and Kuklentz and clutching her heart, “and I was so happy.”

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