Fundraising for CPR Game

Posted by cocreator on April 22, 2013
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Dear Friends, with our successful launch of the Crowdsav platform, we are now embarking on a campaign to raise funds for a game that helps improve CPR skills and awareness. Please help spread the word. Thanks heaps!

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Official Launch of Crowdsav

Posted by cocreator on August 03, 2012
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Details at www.crowdsav.com

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iPhone app ShowNearby AED to Locate & Geotag AED Locations

Posted by cocreator on July 26, 2011
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Updates : We are currently fixing a bug in our app. Please be patient with us. Thank you.

Check out the screenshots below.

iOS-Shownearby-AED-1.jpg http://www.firstaidcorps.org/wp-content/iOS-Shownearby-AED-2.jpg
iOS-Shownearby-AED-3.jpg iOS-Shownearby-AED-4.jpg

PS : We have apps for other smartphones. Check them out.

Disclaimer : As public-accessed AEDs are prone to abuse, availability of AEDs is not guaranteed.

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New App for Android Smartphones

Posted by cocreator on March 23, 2011
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We have launched a new app, AEDSync, for Android users.

Developed by Mosync, you can download it for free at the Samsung App store for Samsung smartphone users, at the Android Marketplace for other smartphone users or HERE.

Here are screenshots of the AEDSync app.

This app lets you both locate the nearest AED, as well as add new AED pictures and locations into the app. The data will have to be reviewed before the new AED information is updated into the app, so please be patient.

Let’s all help to geotag public AEDs to save lives!

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Thanks Tom Ryan of California!

Posted by cocreator on March 07, 2010
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View World Map on AED Locations in a larger map

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