Council Woman Saves Customer in Restaurant

Posted by cocreator on November 08, 2013
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A Dallas city councilwoman saved the life of a fellow diner who had a medical emergency inside a restaurant.

“I’m just glad I was able to help and that the outcome was good,” said Councilwoman Jennifer Staubach Gates, who is a registered nurse and the daughter of NFL Hall of Famer and Dallas Cowboy legend Roger Staubach.

Gates was just finishing up her salmon dinner at The Mercury at the corner of Preston Road and Forest Lane when her waiter approached with an urgent question.

“Our waiter had come to the table and said, ‘Is anybody here trained medically?'” she said.

A man in the back of the restaurant appeared to be choking, and other patrons were already trying to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

Gates, who has not worked full time in health care for 20 years, began assessing the man and determined that he did not appear to have a pulse.

“He was in distress,” she said. “I was really worried about him.”

Gates and other people in the restaurant helped move the man to the floor, and she then began administering CPR for what she estimates to be between two to three minutes.

Finally, the man lurched, began to vomit and began to breathe, she said.

“She really was a hero,” said Moe Shayeghi, manager of The Mercury, who witnessed the entire incident.

Paramedics arrived and the man, at the urging of Gates, was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

The man is the father-in-law of a server at The Mercury, Shayeghi said. He is home now and recovering from the ordeal.

“Without a doubt, without a doubt, if she wasn’t here that night, I don’t think the outcome would be the same,” Shayeghi said. “I think he would have been gone. She saved a life.”

For her part, Gates does not agree with the “hero” claim.

“I’m just relieved I was able to help,” she said. “I was comfortable with my past training, and I could make a difference. But, again, I think anybody with that background would have stepped in and done the same thing.”

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First Aid Corps Chapter

Posted by cocreator on December 08, 2010
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We have been asked a few times already, from the United States of America all the way to Poland, so we feel it is timely for us to present to you what it takes to create a chapter in your community.

Our movement is to create concepts and tools to simplify saving lives. Studies have shown that even though CPR has been around for 50 years, survival rates in most cities are still dismal.

Our current concept is to divide the population into persona of heroes who are comfortable contributing to the chain of survival according to their personal preference, thus we have the Seeker, Shocker and Pumper personas.

The tools that we have created are simple to use. If we have tools for fighting wars better, we can surely do the same in our fight against premature cardiac death.

We are also involved in projects that deploy AEDs into residential areas as a community effort ( not as individual families ), because we feel that this area is lagging behind the public deployments.

We also conduct street demos and hands-on workshops in the street, never in classrooms, because we want to maximise exposure to the public on the use of AEDs with CPR. We locate these activities near to public AED deployment site, so that we teach the public to use our tools to locate the AEDs. These we ususlly conduct once a month or two. We do not conduct paid CPR and/or AED classes because as said above, after 50 years of CPR classes, the results are not satisfactory. What we have been and are still doing, is not achieving the best result that we will like to see.

We like the chapters to be autonomous, and to collaborate with each other so that all chapters nudge their communities to adopt the same concepts and tools. All believers of our movement must obey the 3 Laws.

The chapters should preferably be registered in their communities as charitable organisations, have their own constitution and obey their community laws, although they can seek advice from us. Fundraising can be carried out for the projects and activities. Our founding chapter does not have paid staff, and is totally volunteer-runned, but we leave up to the other chapters to run the way they see fit.

We believe in complementing current teachings and concepts on CPR and the use of AED. We also work closely with other non-profits, charities and organisations on our concepts and our tools.

So if you will like to know more, please contact us at cocreate (at)

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Votes for Badge Designs Needed

Posted by cocreator on August 18, 2010
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These are the latest revisions to the badge designs. The only difference between them is the design of the fonts. Please help us to decide which is a better design of the two. Email to us at cocreate (at) with your comments. Thanks!

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Action Figure for Shocker Design

Posted by cocreator on June 15, 2010
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We have chosen, based on feedback that Set 2 is the preferred design for our Hero Badge. The different sets are shown HERE. However, we need to decide on a better action figure for the Shocker design. The set on the right is the revised design. Please help us by giving feedback on what your thoughts are.


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Feedback Needed for Hero Badge Designs

Posted by cocreator on June 11, 2010
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Please let us know which set of designs your prefer to cocreate(at)
If you have designs to contribute, please send them to us too!

Design by Nazmul Kabir, from Desired Design.

The definitions of Seeker, Pumper and Shocker can be found HERE

Some of the feedback given..

“For the graphical icons in the center of the badges, the seeker and the pumper make sense to me intuitively, but the shocker does have the same impact. I prefer the layout of set 2 — the typography adjusting in size to the space seems more interesting and attention getting, plus somehow it reminds me of a heartbeat.” Don F.

“i like set two the best.” Joshua W.

“I agree with Don that the “Shocker” badge is not quite right. I think the reason is that each of the other badges show a person taking action… they associate the stick figure with the name of the badge. Whereas the Shocker badge is less active – it doesn’t have the “actor” in it.” Benjamin R.

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