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Way to Go, Idaho!

Posted by cocreator on July 03, 2013
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Two Brigham Young University-Idaho students are trying to make changes in the community while helping those in an emergency have a better chance to live.

They’re hoping that when the situation arises, residents will know exactly where the closest AED (Automated External Defibrillator) machine is and how to use it.

“It’ll show the nearest AED to you and so right now the closest AED to us is in the Kirkham building,…..”

This app is called “Show Nearby AED” and it’s one of the methods Steve Shepro and Matt Haugen are spreading awareness of AED’s and CPR.

“Originally we were thinking we might make our own app, but doing some searching there’s an app created by some folks in Singapore, that had about 6,000 AED’s already added to the map globally, and rather than try to start over, it’s a great app that’s free and we thought that we would just add to that” said Shepro.

The boys have already added about 60 AED’s from the region to the map.

“It’s been difficult to find them, we have been finding them just by word of mouth, the campus has been the easiest because they already had tracked them and put them on a map that we were able to find” said Haugen.

As paramedics, these guys have seen what can happen if an AED machine is not applied quickly to the victim.

“With responding on the ambulance it will take several minutes for the ambulance to get there, and you know, maybe 8 or 10 minutes before we’re able to, get deliver a shock, well if you have an AED nearby and you can deliver that shock within a couple minutes, that chance of survival is going to be much better” continued Shepro.

For every minute you go without a pulse, your chance of survival goes down by about 7 to 10%.

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More about the Idaho AED initiative at

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