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School Staff Saves 3rd Student within 2 Years

Posted by cocreator on February 23, 2013
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An Evergreen High School senior owes her life to some quick-acting adults, and an automated external defibrillator in the school that got her heart beating again.

Tuesday morning, the unidentified senior collapsed in a secretary’s office. Four adults at the school immediately jumped into action.

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School nurse Debbie Fowler pulled the defibrillator from the cabinet and began CPR.

Dean of students Marshall Pendleton said the girl had no pulse, and chest compressions weren’t enough to bring it back.

“Within, I think, 13 seconds we determined that a shock was recommended, so we cleared and allowed that to proceed,” Pendleton said.

It took three shocks to bring back a good heartbeat, he said, adding that the student’s prognosis was good and she was recovering.

He said similar events had happened twice before in the school within the last two years. In each case, the student made a full recovery.

Pendleton credits the quick actions of the faculty and the ease of using an AED.

“You look at a picture, you open a bag, you put two stickers on somebody’s chest. That’s it,” he said. “The machine does the rest. Everybody would be comfortable doing that.”

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Staff Save Elderly Man at Leisure Centre

Posted by cocreator on February 23, 2013
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A Portarlington man was literally brought back to life last month by staff of the leisure centre, after he suffered a serious cardiac arrest in the steamroom.

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A dramatic rescue got underway at the poolside while shocked swimmers were led out, in what was the first resuscitation involving the pool defibrillator.

At about 10am, the gentleman who is in his 60s, was relaxing in the steamroom when he stood up, then simply dropped to the floor. He was no longer breathing and had no heartbeat.

Pam Quirke the Saviour

Luckily another customer was in the steamroom, and she immediately called out for help.

A lifeguard hit the emergency button to alert the centre’s CPR team, led by trainer Pam Quirke, who praised all the staff for their quick reaction.

“It really was an amazing team effort. I was absolutely delighted to see how the training kicked in for everyone, no-one shied away, but we really were emotional afterwards,” she said.

Within 90 seconds, they had begun chest compressions, and called for an ambulance.

Two minutes later, the patient was connected to their defibrillator, receiving his first shock. This gained no response, so the team continued, taking it in turns to giving him breaths and chest compressions. Another stronger shock was administered, and within seconds, the man began to try and breathe on his own.

Two advanced paramedics then arrived on the scene and took over. It was just six minutes into the emergency, but in another stroke of luck, Robert Morton, director of the National Ambulance Service, and Brendan Whelan, head of training, both live in Portarlington. They respond to local calls even while off duty, if they are available.

Minutes later the ambulance arrived so that within an hour and a half of his cardiac arrest, the Portarlington man was receiving specialist treatment at St James’s Hospital in Dublin.

He has recovered remarkably well and a week later had returned home to his wife and family.

“Everything that could have gone right, went right,” said a relieved Pam.

She had particular praise for her gym instructer Julie, who had the foresight to help frightened customers out of the pool, and drove out to tell the patient’s wife and daughter in person about the emergency.

The centre have since received a letter of commendation from Mr Morton of the National Ambulance Service, praising their “swift and dedicated actions in demonstrating the very best that any victim of cardiac arrest could hope for, the ability and determination to save a life”.

Manager Sean Quirke is proud of his staff, who run the only Gold standard White Flag leisure centre in Laois and Offaly.

“Thankfully on this occasion, the combined efforts of a customer raising the alarm, our team, the advanced paramedics, the cardiologist and the customer’s own strength and family support have beaten the odds,” he said.

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Cops Save Woman Guest in Residential Home

Posted by cocreator on February 23, 2013
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The incident began around 5:45 p.m. Sunday during a shift change, Paul said.

A homeowner in the area of Merrill and Sheldon roads called 911 after the patient, a visitor at the home, went into cardiac arrest.

Officer Megan Paul the Saviour

Officer Clint Pace the Saviour

Officer Daniel Bromley the Saviour

Paul, Pace and Bromley were at the scene within three minutes. They grabbed their medic bags, which include an automated external defibrillator, and ran into the home, where they found the woman lying on the floor with no signs of breathing and no pulse.

Paul knelt and began chest compressions while Pace worked on the patient’s airway. Bromley, a rookie, prepared the AED.

The AED analyzed the woman’s condition and Bromley pushed the button, administering a shock as the machine instructed.

“It said to keep doing CPR, so we continued,” Paul said. “After a little while, she started gasping and was breathing on her own. We got a pulse back.”

Livingston County EMS and Hamburg Township firefighters soon arrived, and paramedics took over, administering a second shock to the woman, Paul said.

The woman was transported to the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor, where she remains in the intensive care unit, officials said.

Paul credited the officers’ training, which they receive from the Hamburg Township Fire Department, for the success in helping the patient.

“They train us on CPR and keep us updated,” she said.

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Colleagues Save Man at Work

Posted by cocreator on February 23, 2013
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Four employees at State Farm Corporate South performed chest compressions and used an AED to save the life of systems associate Ashok Goyal after he collapsed when he arrived at work on Dec. 24.

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Goyal returned to work this week. On Thursday, he thanked the four employees Brad Reside, Wayne Bartley, Deana Moore and Victoria Joaquin.

“It was a Christmas miracle,” said Moore, a registered nurse in employee health services.

Goyal, 57, of Bloomington, experienced no symptoms of a heart attack before Dec. 24 when he arrived at work and collapsed.

Reside, a technical analyst, heard Goyal fall. Reside called for Bartley, also a technical analyst, and the two men alternated doing chest compressions to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive.” Reside yelled for someone to get an AED.

Moore and Joaquin, also a registered nurse in employee health services, ran with an AED to Goyal, who had no pulse. They tore open his shirts and Moore administered a shock from the AED, which restored Goyal’s heart rhythm.

“That was a huge relief,” Reside recalled. The nurses continued chest compressions and rescue breaths until paramedics arrived.

Goyal found out later that two arteries were blocked and doctors at OSF St. Joseph Medical Center reopened them and inserted three stents to keep the arteries open. He spent four days in the hospital.

“I feel better now,” Goyal said. “They saved my life.”

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