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Staff, Nurse, Cop & Firefighter Save Young Man in Fitness Center

Posted by cocreator on November 24, 2012
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New Chicago police officer Michael Haney is credited with saving the life of a 22-year-old Hammond man, Police Chief Tim Lucas said.

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“The town is extremely proud of him,” Lucas said.

The Hammond man, recuperating at St. Mary Medical Center in Hobart, was working out in a free weights area at Charter Fitness in Hobart when he collapsed on the floor, manager George Almedina Jr. said.

Michael Haney the Saviour

“He was not responsive. He was pretty much gone,” Almedina said.

Almedina declined to give the name of the man.

Haney, who also serves as a full-time Hobart firefighter/paramedic, responded to a cardiac arrest call last week at Charter Fitness on U.S. 6.

Haney administered CPR and, using a defibrillator in the health club, brought the man back to life, Lucas said.

Lucas said he plans to recommend Haney for a lifesaving award at both the local and county level.

New Chicago Councilman Philip Mores said he’s proud of the officer.

“We are proud of all our officers, but when one performs a selfless act like this, we are honored to say he is one of our own,” Mores said.

Haney, a 30-year-old Valparaiso resident, said he had been eating his dinner at the end of his shift when he heard a call over his police scanner.

He arrived at the health club, just a short distance away, to find a young man down and fully gone.

“He was gone; no breathing and no pulse,” Haney said.

Haney and Hobart firefighter/EMT Frank Pukoszek said they began working to revive the young man with compressions then were handed the automated extenal defibrillator by health club officials.

“That’s the first I’ve seen anyone come back like that,” Pukoszek said.

Haney said he believes it was the shock from the defibrillator that did the trick.

“The shock restarted his heart … The kid was back from the dead,” Haney said.

Haney, who has served as a police officer for one year and a firefighter/paramedic for four years, said he enjoys helping others.

“My family members are all either police, firefighters or teachers, all helping others. This is what I do and I love it … basically out there serving others,” Haney said.


Teiseer Haddad, 22, was all smiles as he walked into Charter Fitness on Thursday to thank employees who saved his life.

Teiseer Haddad the Survivor

“The doctors have told me they have no answer as to why my heart stopped. … I thank those who helped me here very much,” Haddad said.

Haddad, a Hammond resident who moved to the U.S. from Jordan, singled out for praise assistant manager Jorge Almedina, who administered CPR, and employee Sarah Gacsy, who brought back a defibrillator used to get his heart started again after it had stopped.

A nurse, who is a member of the health club, is also credited with administering the defibrillator. She has declined to have her named publicized, Charter officials said.

Haddad, a six-month member of the health club on U.S. 6, said he remembers very little of his last visit there on the night of Oct. 30.

He remembers working in the free weight area of the club, then trying to reach for the wall right before he collapsed.

“I couldn’t see and I couldn’t hear. I couldn’t move,” Haddad said.

Gacsy said she was working at the front desk when two members ran up and told her someone had passed out and had no pulse.

Almedina called 911 then went back to Haddad to begin administering CPR

“He started breathing, but still had no pulse and that’s when an off-duty nurse who was working out here came to help,” Almedina said.

Once the defibrillator was administered Haddad regained a pulse.

Hobart Emergency Medical Services officials arrived and transported Haddad to St. Mary Medical Center for assessment.

Haddad said doctors there couldn’t find a reason for his heart stopping, but inserted a pacemaker to keep his heart beating regularly.

For Almedina, who is 21, the incident was an eye-opener.

“I’m just glad I was certified and able to react. You don’t expect that to happen especially to someone close to my age,” Almedina said.

Tito Garcia Sr., regional manager for Charter Fitness, said it’s a requirement that there be at least one employee during all shifts who is CPR and AED certified.

“We’re just happy a life was saved and ecstatic our employees reacted courageously to save a person’s life,” Garcia said.

Haddad, who points to the spot in his chest where the new pacemaker has been placed, doesn’t plan to give up his workouts.

“I’m coming back to the health club tomorrow,” Haddad said.

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Gym Staff & Patrons Save 2 Lives in One Week

Posted by cocreator on November 24, 2012
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Two gym users at the Kelsey Creek 24 Hour Fitness have quick-thinking employeees and a customer to thank, after an automatic external defbrillator was used to save them in two separate incidents this week.

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The gym staff and a physician who happened to be at the club at 1505 140th Ave NE, used CPR and the defibrillator, which issues commands so users can send an electrical shock to restart a stopped heart, to buy the men time for the medical help to arrive, according to the Bellevue Fire Department.

On Wednesday, Oct. 31, a 79-year-old man collapsed while playing racquetball at the sports club, according to the fire department. Staff sprang into action calling 9-1-1, starting CPR, and retrieving the club’s AED from the front desk. A staff member provided the electrical shock needed to start the man’s heart. Bellevue paramedics transported the patient to hospital where he is today, conscious and alert.

On Thursday, November 1st, a 66-year-old male collapsed during a Zumba class. Staff called 9-1-1 while a bystander, a local physician, did CPR. With the assistance of a Bellevue Police Officer, the physician was able to provide three shocks the very same AED used on Wednesday.

With some additional CPR and one additional shock, paramedics were able to transport the male patient to Overlake Hospital. He is currently hospitalized in stable condition.

Studies show that patients suffering from cardiac arrest have a 70 to 80 percent chance of survival if an AED is used within minutes.

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Firefighter Save Elderly at Community Center

Posted by cocreator on November 12, 2012
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It was a life-saving gift operators of a community centre hoped they would never need to use.

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But an Ilkley pensioner has praised an off-duty fireman for his quick-thinking by treating her husband with a defibrillator … just one day after it was presented to the centre.

The firefighter, who was a guest at the same wedding reception, was called into action after Derek Rowson collapsed while dancing with his wife, Julie, at the Clarke Foley Centre in Cunliffe Road.

He came to Mr Rowson’s aid by using the defibrillator – a £1,000 gift from Ilkley Round Table presented the day before – reviving the pensioner before he was taken by ambulance to Airedale Hospital in Steeton.

Mr Rowson was taken to hospital for overnight observations, where his condition was diagnosed as an irregular heartbeat. He is now recovering at home in Ilkley.

Mrs Rowson said it was a “great relief” the machine and a trained user were on hand to save her husband’s life.

She added: “The fireman was wonderful – he was the first one who took charge and decided the defibrillator was required.

“He got the machine and brought him round.”

Mr Rowson, who is in his 70s, is a volunteer at the Clarke Foley Centre, which runs events for the over-50s. He works as a cook at the centre’s popular lunch-eon club.

The wedding reception was taking place for one of the centre’s directors.

Centre manager, Judith Ellis, said: “In spite of it being so traumatic and absolutely awful for Julie and Derek, it was very reassuring for all of us – it proved the worth of having the machine here.

“We’re very grateful to the Round Table for providing it for us, and to Addingham Heartstart for providing training.”

Judith also praised the ambulance crew, who arrived quickly to transfer Mr Rowson to hospital.

Ilkley Round Table vice-chairman, Richard Brad-ley, said he was “delighted” to hear the club’s donation had already made a life-saving difference.

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Nurse Save Runner during Marathon

Posted by cocreator on November 11, 2012
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A man who was brought back to life after faltering within the first two miles of a marathon race in Akron is back at home and thankful to be alive.

Tony Lindeman, a 46-year-old married father of two teenage girls and a councilman in the village of Doylestown, said he felt fine before the Sept. 29 race in downtown Akron.

Lindeman, who previously had run seven marathons, remembers his friends passing him by in the beginning, as they usually do, but can’t remember what happened as he was nearing the second mile-marker.

Surgical nurse and runner Heather Pariso says she’ll never forget it.

The 34-year-old from Coventry Township said that she saw Lindemen leave the street, run onto the sidewalk and collapse.

“I just thought he tripped on uneven pavement,” she said. “I went to him right away, but as soon as I got to him, I saw he hadn’t tripped.”

Pariso managed to get Lindeman on his back and saw that he no longer was breathing. She began manually pumping his heart as other medical professionals scrambled to help, giving Lindeman mouth-to-mouth, calling 911 and praying over his lifeless body.

Within a few minutes, an ambulance arrived and used a defibrillator to restart his heart.

About a half-hour later, Lindeman awoke in the hospital. His face was raw and bloody from the fall, his chest was sore and his bones were aching. Confused, Lindeman wondered why he wasn’t running in the race.

“Today is the luckiest day of your life,” a nurse told him.

Lindeman was hospitalized for five days before his release earlier this month. He’s awaiting surgery to implant a defibrillator, but was temporarily fitted with a vest and monitoring device that will shock his heart if it stops again.

Doctors told Lindeman that his arteries weren’t blocked and that he had a healthy, strong heart.

“They told us 98 percent of the people (whose hearts stop) are due to a heart attack or a blockage,” said wife Ann Lindeman. “He’s in the 2 percent that they can’t explain.”

Lindeman said, “It was sort of like my electronic system went off that day.”

He said he doesn’t know if he’ll be allowed to run again. To be honest, he said he’s a little nervous about doing anything until he better understands why his heart failed him.

Meanwhile he and Pariso are in regular contact. He thinks of her as his “angel,” and Pariso knows she’ll never be the same.

“I hug my husband and kids a little longer now,” she said.

She said she was running behind schedule that day and wasn’t even supposed to be near the 2-mile marker where Lindeman collapsed.

“But now I feel like it was for a reason,” she said. “I was there because I was supposed to be there.”

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Firefighters Save Driver during Vehicle Fire

Posted by cocreator on November 11, 2012
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Lifesaving firefighters will be honoured for rescuing a lorry driver who went into cardiac arrest after his vehicle caught fire.

The brave pair put their own lives at risk from motorway traffic to reach the man whose lorry was alight on the M20.

When he dropped to the floor after suffering a cardiac arrest, the firefighters carried out CPR and used a defibrillator to resuscitate him, saving his life.

Mr Eden was still in the process of becoming a fully trained firefighter and Mr Pattinson had just completed a first-aid refresher course.

They will be presented with awards for their prompt selfless action by the assistant chief ambulance officer at the SADS event on Saturday held in London and attended by emergency personnel.

They have already received certificates of commendation from Kent Fire and Rescue Service chief executive Ann Millington and fire authority chairman Bryan Cope for saving lives and helping the community.

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