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Colleagues Save Grandmother during Town Meeting

Posted by cocreator on October 29, 2012
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“The last thing I remember is feeling as though I was losing my hearing and opening my mouth to say something,” said Mary Ellen Greb about the seconds before she went into cardiac arrest on July 9, 2012.

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Chief administration officer (CAO) with the Township of South-West Oxford, Greb was in a meeting at the Mt. Elgin Community Hall when she fell ill.

Seeing she was in trouble, people around her – including hall board members Dawn Fewster, Dave Lucas and Marg Green – reacted swiftly.

Mary Ellen Greb the Survivor

While a 911 call went out over a cell phone, Fewster, Lucas and Green initiated CPR and deployed an automatic external defibrillator (AED) that the centre was equipped with in 2008.

The quick action by people at the hall, emergency services and the use of the AED saved Greb’s life.

On Monday, Oct. 22, Oxford County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) recognized Fewster, Lucas and Green for their role in saving Greb.

Each of the three rescuers was presented with a certificate for their efforts during a ceremony at the Mt. Elgin Community Hall.

“It’s just something that you do,” said Fewster about how she and her fellow board members reacted. “God was in the room with us. He was helping us.”

Fewster, Lucas and Green have been trained in using an AED since before the device was placed in the hall.

“At the time (when we were training), I remember thinking, ‘I hope I never have to do this (for real),’” said Fewster. “Little did I know July 9, (2012), I’d be working with it and I’d be saving a friend.”

It was the second time Lucas has been involved in helping someone in cardiac arrest. He performed CPR on a victim when he was a co-op student at Lambton College in the 1980s, but survival wasn’t in the cards.

On Monday, Lucas took his certificate out of its frame and asked Greb to sign it.

Greb is the first person to have been saved as a result of Oxford’s AED initiative.

She has made her story public to highlight the importance of the devices and encourage people to get CPR training.

“It was an evening like no other,” said Greb who became a grandmother for the second time a month ago. “It was an eye-opener and it proved what I’ve known all along – that this is an incredibly special community. Thank you so much, I just can’t say that enough.”

Joe Pember, manager of Oxford County Emergency Services, thanked Greb for sharing her story to help further the cause for a cardiac safe community. He said she is an example of how everything can come together in a successful outcome.

“I hope her story will spur more people to learn CPR and the use of AEDs,” he said.

Still, some people hesitate to perform CPR out of fear that they’ll do it wrong and do more harm than good.

“You can’t make someone in cardiac arrest worse, it’s impossible,” Pember said. “You can only make them better.”

As a token of appreciation for what hall board members did, Greb’s family made a $500 donation to the facility on Monday.

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Nurses Save Man at Event

Posted by cocreator on October 29, 2012
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County of Lambton Emergency Medical Services personnel are celebrating together with a patient whose life was saved through the use of a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) — the first such use in the five year history of the County program.

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Ron Robbins was attending an event at Bluewater Country Adult Leisure Living Community in Sarnia on Friday, September 28 when he slumped to the floor with vital signs absent.

Two guests of the event, one a Registered Nurse, applied C.P.R. while a third person, also a Registered Nurse, retrieved the defibrillator. After only one shock, Mr. Robbins regained consciousness and was conversing by the time EMS arrived.

“This is a great example of how training in CPR, use of a public access defibrillator, and quick response by paramedics can save lives,” says Jon Cann, Public Access Defibrillator Coordinator for the County of Lambton. “Because of the quick actions of the citizens involved, this gentleman has been given a second chance at life.”

“This life saved is a testament to what happens when community members learn CPR and use a PAD when it is within reach,” says Andrew Lotto, Manager, Resuscitation Program, Heart and Stroke Foundation. “With the continued support of the public, community groups and funding partners, PADS could eventually be as commonplace as fire extinguishers in Ontario.”

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Nurse & Cops Save Driver after Traffic Accident

Posted by cocreator on October 29, 2012
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A Grafton man is alive today thanks to the efforts of a Cobourg police officer and two other good samaritans.

Police say on Oct. 14 at 7:25 p.m., officers responded to a single-vehicle collision at Grace Christian Reform Church on King Street East.

According to police, a pickup truck struck one of the brick pillars supporting a covered drive-through. When a couple of people from inside the church came outside to investigate the crash, the driver was conscious.

However, when the driver was removed from the truck and placed on the ground, he started to have trouble breathing. A registered nurse and an off-duty court security officer began administering CPR and within a minute, Cobourg police arrived.

An officer immediately took an automated external defibrillator (AED) from the trunk of the police cruiser and prepared it for use on the driver. The AED quickly delivered a shock and CPR was continued by police until fire and ambulance personnel arrived.

The man eventually began to breathe on his own and was transported to hospital by ambulance.

Police say it is believed the quick work of all involved was the reason the 50-year-old driver from Grafton survived. It is also believed it is the first time Cobourg police have had to deploy the use of a defibrillator.

All Cobourg police marked cruisers have an AED in the trunk and all officers are trained to use them.

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Teammates Save Retiree at Bowling Club

Posted by cocreator on October 29, 2012
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On Wednesday, September 26, Mr Connell was enjoying a game of bowls at the Iluka Bowling Club when everything went black.

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The fit and seemingly healthy retiree had no idea at the time but he had just suffered a massive heart attack.

Max Connell the Survivor

“To be quite frank I had no idea what happened – I can only go on what other people tell me, so apparently I simply collapsed while I was playing bowls, there was no warning whatsoever it was about to happen,” Mr Connell said.

“I immediately lost consciousness, there’s just nothing in my mind about what happened after that.”

Fortunately for Mr Connell a few of his fellow bowlers knew CPR and the club was also equipped with a portable defibrillator unit. A combination of CPR and the use of the defib unit kept Mr Connell alive until medical help arrived in the form of Iluka doctor David Richards and paramedics from Maclean.

Mr Connell was then transferred by the Westpac Helicopter to Lismore Base Hospital, then to the John Flynn Hospital’s specialist cardiac unit for medical treatment. Dr Richards said there was little chance Mr Connell would have survived it if it was not for the portable defib unit and the quick-thinking onlookers who knew CPR.

Mr Connell said the next thing he remembered was waking up in hospital to the very relieved faces of his wife, Lyn, and his daughter.

“The doctors weren’t sure if I’d suffered brain damage or not so when I woke up I think my wife and daughter were more relieved than I was – they didn’t know what I’d be like,” he said. “But I was really lucky and I seem to have gotten away with it.”

During his stay in hospital, Mr Connell was fitted with a pacemaker-like device which will hopefully prevent another heart attack in the future.

Now home again and feeling much better, Mr Connell said he was extremely grateful to the people who performed CPR and grateful the club had a defib unit.

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Doctor, Paramedic & Bystanders Save Elderly Man at Soccer Game

Posted by cocreator on October 29, 2012
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Bystanders at a soccer game at La Salle Catholic Prepatory High School saved a 60-year-old man’s life Sunday afternoon.

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The bystanders, a doctor and off-duty paramedic, used CPR and an automatic external defibrillator taken from the school to treat the man, who had collapsed while playing the game.

The bystanders were able to deliver one life-saving shock to bring the man, who was unconscious and not breathing, back into a viable heart rhythm, said Clackamas Fire District 1 spokesman Brandon Paxton.

Fire crews arrived around 1 p.m. at the school, 11999 S.E. Fuller Road, east of Milwaukie, administering advanced life support measures to stabilize the man before he was transported to Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center. He is in stable condition at the center.

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