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Staff Save Elderly Man in Library

Posted by cocreator on July 27, 2012
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On Dec. 12, a man who appeared to be in his 70s collapsed just inside the library’s inner doors. Vic Nunez, librarian supervisor of Lakeland Public Library, discovered the AED was as easy to operate as its manufacturer said.

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Another library patron saw the man starting to collapse and caught him before he reached the floor. Library employees took it from there, Nunez said.

Arfinder Mitchell called 911 and stayed on the line with the dispatcher. Antwan McCroy brought Nunez the AED.

Vic Nunez the Saviour

“We put the pads on and the AED told us to stand clear, administering shock 3,2,1,” Nunez recalled.

The downed man, who couldn’t be reached for comment, “came up off the floor a little and then went back down.”

The AED instructed Nunez to give CPR, telling him how many compressions to do. Once again, it told Nunez to stand clear, did its monitoring and gave the man a second shock.

By then, emergency services personnel were there to provide care.

The man survived, made it home for Christmas, and came by the library later to bring the staff a box of candy, Nunez said.

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Colleagues Save Police Officer at Station

Posted by cocreator on July 17, 2012
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The police officer who was instrumental in getting life-saving defibrillators into Walpole police cruisers was saved recently by fellow officers using one of the devices to restart his heart at the police station.

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Patrolman Robert Simmons collapsed of an apparent heart attack during roll call at the station before the July 3 fireworks, according to Deputy Chief John Carmichael.

Officers started CPR and one ran to get a defibrillator. “It took two shocks, but they got him breathing again,”Carmichael said.

“He’s doing great, and is out of the hospital. It made for a good night knowing that we had a situation like that, and we ended up being OK in the end.”

Carmichael said Simmons maintains the department’s defibrillators, and was a leader in getting the town to place one in every cruiser, as well as at the police station.

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Firefighter, Teacher & Teammate Save Young Hockey Player

Posted by cocreator on July 11, 2012
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During the offseason, like so many other NHL and AHL players, Brett MacLean gets back to his roots and plays hockey locally. There’s a group of guys in Owen Sound with whom the 23-year-old Phoenix Coyotes forward has played twice a week every July and August since he was in junior hockey.

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Last week, they saved his life.

During a game at Regional Rec Center, MacLean collapsed suddenly onto the ice. The other players reacted, at first, like MacLean was pulling a gag, joking about it as he was sprawled on the frozen surface.

Brett MacLean the Survivor

Then MacLean started to convulse. He was going into cardiac arrest.

Players Jason Gallagher and Jason Silverthorn began CPR on MacLean.

“It’s not easy performing CPR on someone you know very well and not knowing the outcome,” said Gallagher, who has taken CPR classes at least 10 times, to the Calgary Sun.

Jay Forslund, an off-duty firefighter, called the police and sought out the automated external defibrillator into the Regional Rec Center. Three minutes after he collapsed, his heart was shocked. When the paramedics arrived, they administered two more shocks. MacLean’s pulse had returned in eight minutes.

He was airlifted to University Hospital in London, and was moved out of intensive care late last week.

“We’re eternally grateful to them,” Karen MacLean told the Owen Sound Sun Times. “Absolutely there’s no question, his outcome is partially related to his good health and his strong fit body, but also because of the attention by the bystanders, the defibrillator machine and the ambulance.”

She thanked Gallagher when he visited MacLean in the hospital.

“Remarkable, a miracle. No other word to describe it. The last time I saw him, he had no vital signs and we were performing CPR on him. And within a few days he’s walking around and shaking my hand,” Gallagher told the Sun Times last week.

“I can’t emphasize how incredible it is what our medical professionals are able to do, because literally on Monday night, he had no vital signs, and this is Friday morning and he’s up walking around. I’m still in awe.”

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Youths Save Passenger on Airport Tarmac

Posted by cocreator on July 03, 2012
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Two youths who brought a complete stranger back to life at Perth Airport nine days ago have been hailed “marvellous young people” by the man whose life they helped save.

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Jack Murray, 17, and Cassandra Mulliner, 23, were brought together today to meet Andrew Makowiecki, the man whose life they helped save on June 23 after the 57-year-old had suffered a heart attack.

Mr Makowiecki had just disembarked from a late night flight from Melbourne to Perth when he collapsed on the tarmac from a cardiac arrest.

Jack Murray and Cassandra Mulliner the Saviours with Andrew Makowiecki the Survivor

He soon stopped breathing and did not have a pulse.

It was only four weeks ago he was climbing mountains on Flinders Island, near Tasmania.

Jack, who was sitting just meters from Mr Makowiecki on the plane, immediately began CPR as Cassandra, an airport ground staff employee, rushed to get a life saving defibrillator machine.

“I saw Andrew on the ground and Jack began CPR, he quickly told me he was not breathing and that his heart had stopped so I ran to get the defibrillator,” Cassandra said.

“We cut his shirt off and I was praying it would work, he started to go grey but then after the first shock (of the machine) he came to.”

Cassandra said the whole experience had inspired her to become a paramedic.

“If I can help save people’s lives and make a difference, why wouldn’t I do it,” she said.

In an emotional meeting today at Royal Perth Hospital Jack, Cassandra and Mr Makowiecki reminisced over the evening which almost claimed the 57-year-old’s life.

“They are marvellous young people because they basically saved my life,” Mr Makowiecki said.

“This just proves just how great young people are.”

While Mr Makowiecki’s life was undoubtedly saved by the young pair’s quick actions and the defibrillator machine, he is to undergo triple bypass heart surgery tomorrow.

Jack, who is studying in Melbourne and was flying back to Perth to visit his family, said he felt it was “instinctive” of him to help Mr Makowiecki as he lay dying on the ground.

He said the whole experience had been emotional but very nice to be a part of at the same time.

“It was a once in a lifetime experience and it will stick with me for the rest of my life,” he said.

“It was so inspiring and a very heartfelt moment to be a part of, it’s so nice to see him (Mr Makowiecki) up and moving.”

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