Teamwork Save Teen during Little League Game

Posted by cocreator on April 19, 2012

A Colonie father was thankful Monday night for all the people who saved his 11-year-old boy’s life.

The young boy’s heart stopped after he was struck in the chest by a pitch during a little league game Monday night.

As we understand from the boy’s father his son is recovering at Albany Medical Center. He says he’s going to be just fine. Things could have been much worse if it were not for the quick action of the Colonie Little League.

“I just want to thank the coaches from Colonie little league,” said Mark Mendrick.

Words alone cannot express how he feels about the people who rushed to his son’s aid when the boy collapsed on the little league field at Cook Park in Colonie Monday night.

His 11-year-old boy went into cardiac arrest after he was hit in the chest by pitch during a little league game.

Prevratil, who also was the coach of the other team, was the first to begin CPR.

“There was no panic from anyone, no hysteria,” Prevratil said. “Everyone did exactly what they were supposed to do.”

The boy’s coach, Mike Martin, bolted from the dugout and realized the boy was having trouble breathing, Prevratil said.

When Prevratil saw the boy’s coach needed further assistance, he rushed from his own dugout. On his way to home plate, he heard someone from the stands shout, “Call 911!”

While Martin and Prevratil tended to the boy, he slipped out of consciousness. That’s when Prevratil began CPR.

Prevratil said he performed chest compressions for only about 30 seconds before police arrived.

Colonie Police officer Brian Curran was the first on the scene, and he continued CPR for another minute before the EMT team reached the boy with a defribrillator, Colonie Police Lt. Robert Winn said.

The boy’s heart restarted while he still was lying in the batter’s box, Prevratil said, and he was taken away by ambulance.

EMT’s took over using a defibrillator. They resuscitated the boy and rushed him to Albany Medical Center. Cardiologist doctor Jim O’Brian says what happened to the young player is extremely rare.

“He’s the classic age. It occurs in young boys when the pitch is hard but not so hard,” said O’Brian.

O’Brian says that causes agitation of the heart where the ball hits the chest at exactly the wrong time — disrupting the regular heartbeat. The boy, we’re told is lucky to be alive and doing ok.

“He’s got some hurdles to go. The rest of the kids are taking it fairly well. Some are too little to understand,” said Mendrick.

Meanwhile, Mendrick says he’s received emails from little leagues across the country, wishing for a speedy recovery.

His father told NewsChannel 13, the boy is already sitting up and asking when is he going to be back on the field.

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