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School Saves Elderly Worker

Posted by cocreator on November 30, 2009
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Virgil Bramblett had just arrived at Hickman High School on Nov. 17 to help repair the school stage. For four hours that morning, the Columbia Public Schools carpenter had felt an uneasy pain in his chest. Muscles near his heart were sore, he thought.

Virgil Bramblett the Survivor

Virgil Bramblett the Survivor

So he walked to the school nurse’s office — on the northeast side of Hickman — a five-minute walk from the school’s main office, where the automatic external defibrillator, or AED, rests.

At about 7:15 a.m. that day, the school’s licensed practical nurse, Cara Baker, had just arrived at work. She led Bramblett to a cot in the nurse’s office. Bramblett asked her to take his blood pressure because of chest pains.

After the blood-pressure reading, Bramblett popped up from the cot, ready to go to work. On his feet, though, he felt dizzy. Seconds later, he was on the cot again, unconscious. Evans and Baker moved him to the floor and began CPR, and Evans shouted at Lisa Chalupny, the office secretary, to call 911.

Do you need the AED?” Chalupny asked, referring to the defibrillator.

“Yes!” Evans replied.

Assistant Principal Tracey Conrad was standing near a stairway in the Hickman Commons when she heard home-school communicator Talisha Payne’s voice on the walkie-talkie asking for the AED.

Conrad sprinted toward the box on the wall containing the defibrillator. School office worker Theodore Hanfelder already had the machine and handed it to Conrad, who dashed to the nurses’ office.

When Conrad reached the office, Evans grabbed the AED as Baker continued CPR.

The AED showed Bramblett’s heartbeat was irregular and that he was having his fifth heart attack. The machine advised Evans to send an electrical shock into him. She pushed the button.

After the AED shock in the nurse’s office, Bramblett seemed to stabilize. The nurses said he even spoke to them.

“I’m so sorry,” he told them. “Thank you so much.”

Evans told him emergency crews were coming. “Oh, I gotta get back to work,” the nurses said he told them.

Bramblett was released from the hospital Nov. 19 and advised to not work for at least a month.

Brenda Bramblett remains anxious about her husband’s health. “It’s just really scary when he leaves the house every day,” she said.

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Medics & Bystander Save Woman During Run

Posted by cocreator on November 30, 2009
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A woman jogging alone through a quiet tree-lined neighborhood collapses, face-first, onto the ground.

Seeing the woman face-down in the grass, Blantz pulled a U-turn, jumped out of his car, found her unresponsive, called 911, rolled her on her back and began CPR.

Another jogger had stopped to help while Blantz was on the phone with emergency dispatchers. Blantz handed him the phone and began CPR.

He continued chest compressions as medics arrived less than a minute later and took over respiration.

The EMTs then used an automated external defibrillator to start the woman’s pulse again.

The jogger was taken to the hospital, where she remained unconscious — and unidentified — until Tuesday, when she awoke and was able to provide police with her mother’s name.

“I want her family to know,” Blantz said, “that individuals were there, that a complete stranger is willing to jump in and help at a moment’s notice and not expect anything from anybody.”

“I feel I did my duty in helping another citizen,” Blantz said.

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What Kind of Hero Are You?

Posted by cocreator on November 28, 2009
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We are looking for badge designs to identify 3 kinds of heroes :

1. Seeker

A seeker is someone who is actively on the lookout for AEDs ( automated external defibrillators ) in public places and in places of work to update us; or someone who in an actual event, seeks out the nearest AED and bring it back to the location of the victim. Do not need to be trained in CPR or in the use of the AED.

2. Pumper

A pumper is someone who does chest compressions on the victim.

3. Shocker

A shocker is someone who activates the AED and deliver shocks to the victim when advised to by the AED.

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Restaurant Saves Elderly Diner

Posted by cocreator on November 28, 2009
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Brett Flanagan and Kendra Hicok, a restaurant manager and server at The Grill at Quail Creek, were honored at a Green Valley Fire District board meeting for saving the life of a World War II veteran who had a heart attack in the restaurant in October.

Flanagan says his co-worker, who was first on the scene, assessed the situation and determined that the man’s heart had stopped.

They used an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), which administers an electric shock, to revive the victim, who is now recovering.

GVFD’s administrative chief Katie Sayre said many businesses and churches in Green Valley are equipped with AEDs.

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Son-in-Law & Park Rangers Save Man during Boat Trip

Posted by cocreator on November 26, 2009
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In late August, Lawless and some of his family members decided to take his birthday gift — a new boat — to Bowen’s Creek, near Philpott Lake. First, they stopped at a nearby store for fuel.

Allen Lawless the Survivor

Allen Lawless the Survivor

He continued to participate in the family outing, boating for a couple hours while eating pizza and other snacks, before heading back to the boat ramp with his wife, Barbara Lawless; daughter; son-in-law; and grandchildren.

Confronted with mechanical problems, Lawless’ son-in-law asked him to get some tools from Lawless’ truck. There, he got pliers, an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver from the tool box.

“I got about halfway back down to the boat” when he fell face-first onto the ground, said Lawless, of Ridgeway.

“My son-in-law tried to resuscitate me,” he said, but those efforts were futile as the family started asking for help.

Two park rangers, Curtis Brooks and Jordan Moore, were among the first to respond, according to Craig “Rocky” Rockwell, operations manager at Philpott Lake.

They found Lawless shaking “as if having a seizure. He had no pulse and was not breathing,” Rockwell said.

Brooks called to Semones, who radioed 911 for help. Then Brooks and Schlueter “started administering life-sustaining CPR” while Moore made sure Lawless’ head was positioned correctly, Rockwell said.

“It was 15 minutes before Bassett Rescue Squad got to me,” Lawless said.

Lawless said he was told he had “turned completely black in the face and had no heartbeat” when the rescue squad arrived.

A defibrillator was used to “shock me,” Lawless said. “They got me on the gurney and were ready to leave the parking lot when I stopped breathing again,” Lawless said he was told.

The defibrillator was used two more times before he was airlifted from Memorial Hospital in Martinsville to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, Lawless said he has been told.

“It’s just by the grace of God that I’m here to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving,” Lawless said. “I thank God, my wife and sisters” and all who continued praying “I’d pull through. They never gave up on me.”

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